‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers For Monday, May 21: Jack’s Stunning Waking Nightmare

Angela WeissGetty Images

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, May 21, has a shocking reveal, but it might all turn out to be a terrible nightmare for one Genoa City businessman. Meanwhile, a needy teen returns to the scene.

Jack struggles with his addiction, according to She Knows Soaps. Despite his discussion with Neil, he still considers drowning his problems with pain pills and booze. While Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Billy (Jason Thompson) search in vain for him, Neil (Kristoff St. John) clues them into the fact that he’s seen their brother recently.

Unfortunately, Neil also drops the bad news that he left Jack alone with the pain pills. Ashley and Billy explode in anger when they hear this unexpected news.

Meanwhile, Jack awakes from a nightmare where Dina (Marla Adams) finally reveals the shocking secret about his father that she’s managed to keep all these decades. He couldn’t take it when she said that Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), Jack’s nemesis, is actually his father. Even the mere thought of something so horrifying drives Jack to seriously consider taking the pills and falling all the way off the wagon.

Meanwhile, Shauna (Camryn Hamm) returns to Devon (Bryton James) and Hilary’s (Mishael Morgan) lives. Although Shauna is back on track in school, she appears to be having boy troubles. In fact, she’s not planning to go to prom. Of course, something could be sparking with Shauna and Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry).

Finally, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) gets a major shock when she accidentally walks in on Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case). Never one to beat around the bush, she asks them tough questions that get them discussing why things will end up being different this time.


With the anniversary of Cassie’s death coming up soon, Sharon and Nick make plans to mark it together while doing their life together differently this time. While Mariah is reasonably cool with finding out they’re together — who didn’t see it coming — they worry about how to break the news to Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind). She could end up being the happiest little girl in Genoa City, but if Nick and Sharon don’t last, it could end up crushing her.

Tune in to The Young and the Restless on CBS or POP on Monday to find out what happens.