'13 Reasons Why': Here's Why Season 3 Could Be Happening

Victoria Miller

The second season of 13 Reasons Why was just released, but fans are already looking for a third season of the controversial Netflix teen drama. While nothing has been confirmed yet by the popular streaming site, it's safe to say the show's storylines have not been wrapped up with the 13 new episodes—despite the fact that the last episode is titled "Bye." In fact, it appears there are plenty more stories to tell about the students of Liberty High.

13 Reasons Why executive producer Brian Yorkey said as much in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

"We're following the stories of these characters," the 13 Reasons Why showrunner recently told THR.

"I always think there's more story to tell, but I think that depends on viewers and everyone's reaction to it and whether it's important to keep telling the story. If there is a future for the show, to me, it's about these characters, and not necessarily a new set of reasons or a new set of tapes."

According to the Sonoma West Times & News, the real school that is used for 13 Reasons Why has already been booked by Paramount Pictures for a 30-day stay. The West Sonoma County Union High School District board recently approved a third licensing agreement with Paramount for the use of Analy High School to shoot scenes for the show. Paramount would pay the school district approximately $66,000 for 30 filming days.

When asked about the possibility of a 13 Reasons Why 3, executive producer Mandy Teefey, who also happens to be the mom of Selena Gomez, told Cosmopolitan she can't say if the show will get a renewal.

"I felt like from the first season you could tell there was going to be a second, you know," Teefey said. "We'll see. There's definitely a lot of story to tell."

13 Reasons Why is based on Jay Asher's YA novel, Thirteen Reasons Why. The second season has moved on from the original novel's story about the 13 reasons behind Hannah Baker's (Katherine Langford) suicide, so anything is possible for the show's characters should the series be renewed for Season 3.

Check out the video below for a recap of the first season of 13 Reasons Why.