Archaeologists In Pompeii Have Made The Spectacular Find Of An ‘Alley Of Balconies’ And Gorgeous Homes

Giorgio Cosulich Getty Images

Archaeologists in Pompeii have just made the rare find of a spectacular alleyway that was once home to numerous grand houses in the city, and with so many of the balconies of these homes still intact, this location is now being hailed by archaeologists as the “alley of balconies.”

As The Local report, a spokesperson at Pompeii has described the latest discovery as a marvel, especially when you consider that archaeologists continue to find new things in a city that was destroyed in 79 AD.

“This type of find is a novelty for this area of Pompeii. Almost two thousand years from the eruption of 79 AD, Pompeii continues to give us treasures.”

Not only are many of these balconies of the grand homes in Pompeii still standing, but the colors of the homes, on the whole, are just as they were before Mount Vesuvius erupted. Both things are highly unusual, and it is quite a rare thing to see the upper areas of homes so well-preserved after all this time.

The reason for this is that when the eruption of Vesuvius occurred, ash and other debris hit the city from above, thoroughly burying the vast majority of high objects, which was very different from Pompeii’s neighbor Herculaneum, which was obliterated by ashes starting from the surface and moving up.

A statement has been issued that describes the conditions of the balconies of the homes that have been found in Pompeii, mentioning the fact that pottery filled with wine was found beside some of these homes.

“A series of buildings with three large balconies have emerged in an area now being excavated. On one of the balconies, pots of wine lying on their side were also found, which were probably put out to dry in the sun.”

If you’re wondering if this new stretch of the “alley of balconies” will ever be available to tour, you are in luck. After archaeologists finish excavating the area and conduct further research, restoration work will begin on the site so that sightseers will one day be able to tour this new stretch of Pompeii.

The “alley of balconies” and grand homes of Pompeii, once filled with laughter and people, will soon be that way once again now that archaeologists have discovered this previously hidden gem in the city.