Jurors In The Bill Cosby Case Admit To Being Harassed By ‘Thugs’ Post-Verdict, Per ‘RadarOnline’

Mark MakelaGetty Images

For the first time ever, the jurors in the infamous Bill Cosby case have come forward to reveal, not only their true names but that they’ve been harassed by people they call “thugs” as a result of their verdict in the case.

According to RadarOnline, who was the first to speak to the jurors, William J. Walsh, one of the jurors in the Bill Cosby case, claims that he and his fellow jurors have been stalked to their homes, threatened, and even harassed by “thugs” that are loyal to the disgraced comedian.

He also said that he wouldn’t be surprised if these thugs were dispatched by Cosby himself.

“They’re stalking people! They followed one juror to the supermarket! They called my wife on her cell phone! They called my daughter on her cell phone. They even called my brother!”

Walsh said that he finally decided to come forward, even after Judge Steven T. O’Neill withheld the names of the jurors from the media, because he realized that Bill Cosby’s “minions” had gotten a hold of their names and began to terrorize them.

He said that both the prosecution and the defense had the names of the jurors on hand, but only one side — the defense — had a motive to release the names to the “thugs.” What’s more, said Walsh, he feels that this retaliation against them for their decision to find Cosby guilty, which — according to Walsh — was a “slam-dunk” decision.

Bill Cosby, as is well known, was recently convicted on three counts of sexual assault, stemming from an incident involving former Temple University employee Andrea Constand. Since that time, more than 60 women — including models Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson — have come forward with their tales of abuse at Cosby’s hands.

RadarOnline claims that they tried to reach out to all the other jurors, but of them all, only Walsh was willing to speak on the record. The others were afraid to go on record because they thought they would be “targeted” for speaking out.

Walsh, however, said that he wasn’t afraid of speaking out against Bill Cosby and his “thugs,” because he’s a retired truck driver and a former Teamster, so he’s used to having to be tough.