‘Days Of Our Lives’ 5-18 Episode: Theresa Comes Home To Brady, Abby Screams Rape, Steve Getting Bionic Eyes

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Today’s episode of Days of our Lives brings Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley) home to an unsuspecting Brady, who is finally being released from the hospital, and their son Tate. When Xander walks through the door of the Kiriakis mansion, Victor is taken aback and turned off. That is until Xander announces that he has brought Theresa home to Victor on today’s Friday episode of Days.

Once Victor confirmed Xander’s story with Theresa, it was agreed that Xander would be given a position at Titan. It’s not clear what type of job is awaiting him at Titan, however, Victor did crack a joke regarding a gardening position. Days viewers may remember when Victor demoted him to that very position. Xander stepped out for a walk, but not before he brought Tate in to see his mother.

The mother and son pair tugged at the heartstrings of Days viewers as Theresa hugged her son for the first time in over a year. Tate recognized his mother and snuggled up to her as she held him, agreeing to read him a story. Victor begins to tell Theresa about Brady and Eve, however, she chooses not to hear it.

Brady is cleared to leave the hospital today on Days and convinces Eve to get her things out of the Salem Inn and move back into the mansion. Their engagement is in full bloom, and Brady explains to Eve that spending every hour of every minute of the day with her still wouldn’t be enough. He can’t wait to make love to her again.

While walking through the Horton town square, Eve runs into Xander who informs her of Theresa’s return. It appears that Days of our Lives fans can expect Xander (Paul Telfer) to stay in Salem for a while.

On the other side of town, at the DiMera mansion, Abby confronts Stefan about his relationship with her alternate personality Gabby (Gabigail). Stefan explains to Abby that he has been taken with her from the moment he first laid eyes on her. When Gabigail showed interest in him, after blackmailing him into not telling Chad, Stefan fell in love with her.

Stefan explained to Abby that when they slept together, it was Gabigail’s idea. Abby, who has been recovering snippets of memories, remembers the moments before sleeping together. Abby realizes that the reason they had sex was to get rid of her forever.

Stefan knew that Abby was sick and did nothing to help. He had sex with Gabigail because Abby wouldn’t sleep with him. What Stefan did was unforgivable. Abby screams rape.

“You had sex with me without my consent. It’s rape Stefan, and I am going to tell the police everything you just said.”

Stefan warns Abby that if she does go to the police with the information she now holds, her dear husband Chad will be joining him in prison.

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Meanwhile, Steve is sitting at the Brady Pub with Kayla trying to explain to her why a blind man cannot be a private eye. John and Marlena walk in and join them at the table. John denounces everything that Steve is saying and refuses to let him quit working at Black Patch, a company they built together.

Steve tries to argue John’s reasoning by stating that he cannot see the details of a case if he cannot see at all. John then brings up a new program at the ISA. The program, known as Visionary Bionics, is opening up for human medical trials. They have a working prototype. Steve starts making plans for a future in which he can see, however, there is one small problem. DiMera Enterprises just bought the company that makes the implant.

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Today’s episode of Days of our Lives ends with the epic twist that we have all been waiting for. Brady, arriving home from the hospital stops short at the door. Theresa is standing there in the main room of the Kiriakis mansion. “Hi Brady,” she says. “I’m home.”