Military Helicopter Drops Ammo Box Through Roof Of Texas School, Parkland Elementary Reopens A Day Later

Parkland Elementary School is located mere meters from Fort Bliss, a United States Army base in El Paso, Texas. The base houses the 1st Armored Division. On Thursday afternoon, an ammo box that was being carried by a military helicopter fell, or dropped, from the sky and punctured a hole in the roof of the elementary school.

RT suggests that the media reports surrounding this event have conflicting information. It is unclear whether the ammunition case fell out of the helicopter as it was flying, or if it was dropped from the aircraft.

According to an article published by the Independent, officials stated the fallen ammo box caused a power outage within the elementary school. Ysleta Independent School District has since confirmed that there were no injuries caused by the accident.

Commander of the aviation brigade Colonel Jay Hopkins issued a formal apology to all individuals involved. He stated that he is “extremely sorry for any damage done to the neighboring elementary school.” Hopkins continued on stating how grateful he is that there were no injuries caused by the stray ammo box.

The incident occurred in the afternoon hours after school had let out for the day. Today, just one day after the ammo case fell from the aircraft, the students of Parkland Elementary are back in session. The school district issued a press release, announcing that there was never any danger posed to the students or staff.


Unfortunately, this is not the first time objects have fallen from military aircrafts mid-flight, causing damage to schools or property down below.

The Japanese island of Okinawa is home to a large United States military presence. There are at least three documented incidents where objects have fallen from military aircraft and damaged schools below. Recently, a window with metal frame fell from an Air Force aircraft and onto a Japanese school.

Protests have erupted from the residents of Okinawa, and school officials are placed on high alert whenever military aircraft are flying over or near the schoolyards. RT reports that “students at an Okinawa school close to US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma were advised to take shelter more than 300 times since February, as the military helicopters approached.”

The United States military police have launched a full investigation, reported El Paso Times. The probe will include reassessing the flight patterns of the military helicopters.