Elon Musk Envisions 150-Mile-Per-Hour Ride Will Cost Hyperloop Passengers $1

Ringo H.W. ChiuAP Images

Elon Musk, The Boring Company, and its new reasonably priced hyperloop are certainly not… well, boring. Although visions of the future often include flying cars, Musk believes they won’t work, but his solution is a Hyperloop.

The SpaceX founder unveiled his concept for the Loop, which he called a “personalized mass transit” system, according to a CNET report. Even more shocking? The trip, which travels at 150 miles per hour, should cost a mere $1.

In the system, 16 people could travel from downtown Los Angeles to Los Angeles International Airport in only eight minutes. The Hyperloop would accomplish this feat using a vacuum tube that allows for travel at 150 miles per hour. The tunnel needed for the project is 2.7 miles and would run parallel to I405. The catch? It wouldn’t be public transportation, but The Boring Company and the city will partner and work to complement the city’s existing metro system.

He unveiled the plans during an invitation-only event at L.A.’s Leo Baeck Temple, as Inquisitr reported.

Musk’s big reveal comes after two years of tunnel digging in Los Angeles. The first tunnel built by The Boring Company is nearing completion. His ultimate goal is to alleviate the soul-crushing traffic congestion in the area. He envisions dozens if not hundreds of small stations the size of single or double parking spaces.

After building the system in Los Angeles, Musk hopes to use it in major cities across the U.S. to help alleviate traffic concerns. He believes if he accomplishes his goal in L.A., he can achieve it anywhere.

Because of the fact that The Boring Company remains Musk’s hobby, he didn’t provide a firm timetable for the completion of this incredibly low price Hyperloop. The billionaire entrepreneur spends most of his time on his other companies — Tesla and SpaceX.


These Los Angeles tunnels aren’t part of Musk’s grand Hyperloop plan. Ultimately, he sees a cross-country system of Loops to help transport people quickly across the U.S. at low prices.

Is the future of travel Hyperloops or flying cars? That remains to be seen, but hopefully, Musk can make good on the grand promises he made at his event, and this quick, cheap mode of transportation becomes a reality in major metropolises shortly. If not, traffic in Los Angles may continue crushing souls for years to come.