NBA Trade Rumors: Memphis Grizzlies Prefer To Trade Down In The NBA Draft, ‘Sporting News’ Suggests

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NBA trade rumors involving the Memphis Grizzlies and the No. 4 pick have been hitting the rounds lately. It’s being reported by the Sporting News that the Grizzlies want to explore their trade options for the pick.

Going fourth was not where the Memphis Grizzlies was hoping to be once the NBA draft lottery was over. Nevertheless, the Grizzlies found themselves on the outside looking in as the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, and Atlanta Hawks took spot Nos. 1-3.

It has become conceivable that the Memphis Grizzlies were hoping at a shot to land Duke’s Marvin Bagley Jr. with one of the top three picks. The Grizzlies are reportedly looking at wing players. Bagley Jr. is able to play on the wing as well as in the post.

The early portion of the NBA draft predominantly features centers and guards. With Villanova forward Mikal Bridges being the first natural wing player expected to go within the top 10 picks, Memphis has a quandary. The choice for the Grizzlies could be a simple one — trade down a few spots to nab a player who fits their needs.

The Memphis Grizzlies would have a couple of sensible reasons for making a trade to pick later in the NBA draft. Unlike most of the teams with NBA lottery picks, the Grizzlies already have a couple of star players. Finding ideal compliments for Marc Gasol and Mike Conley has to be on the Grizzlies’ agenda.

Marc Gasol and Mike Conley celebrate.
The Memphis Grizzlies may be better served to find a compliment for stars Marc Gasol and Mike Conley.Featured image credit: Andy Lyons

The late-season emergence of shooting guard Dillon Brooks gives the Memphis Grizzlies more trade options regarding the No. 4 pick. Brooks showcased his versatility as a scorer in March and early April. If Marc Gasol and Mike Conley can stay healthy, traces of a nucleus are there.

Mike Conley being lost for the season doomed the Memphis Grizzlies this past season. Once he went down, the Grizzlies had no one to get the basketball to a usually dominant Marc Gasol. The Grizzlies’ struggles eventually cemented Gasol’s name in NBA trade rumors.

In an effort to improve their chances in the NBA draft lottery, the Grizzlies’ center sat several games. Despite having the second-best odds at landing a top-three pick, the Grizzlies wound up fourth.

There will be a few options for the Memphis Grizzlies at No. 4. This includes a combination of Michael Porter Jr., dynamic guard Trae Young, and perhaps Marvin Bagley Jr. However, the best move the Grizzlies could make is what the NBA trade rumors are suggesting.

Of the teams in the lottery that could be looking to move up, the Chicago Bulls are a logical trade partner for the Grizzlies.

The Bulls currently own picks No. 7 and No. 22. Some of the players the Bulls are targeting will be on the board when the Grizzlies pick. An NBA trade where the Bulls would swap both of their picks to move three spots.

Mikal Bridges will be available at No. 7 unless he shoots up the draft board with a few impressive workouts. The rumor going around NBA circles is that the Grizzlies are high on Bridges.

Trading down gives the Memphis Grizzlies an extra draft pick or a young player to plug in for the future. There is some credence to one of the most sensible NBA trade rumors circulating today.