‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For Monday, May 18: Katie Feels Guilty About Encouraging Wyatt To Lie

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, May 21 reveal that Katie (Heather Tom) will be feeling some regret this week. In seeing all the excited activity surrounding her, she feels remorse for not encouraging Wyatt to do the right thing. This week will see Hope (Annika Noelle) and Liam (Scott Clifton) excitedly preparing for their wedding and although she will undoubtedly be happy for her niece, she may feel guilty for her role in making Bill’s dreams become reality.

B&B fans will remember that Wyatt told Katie that he had just found out that Bill (Don Diamont) had tricked him into believing that he and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) had something going on. When Wyatt threatened to tell his brother, Bill had given him his Ferrari and told him that he was his favorite son, according to Soap Central recaps. He wanted to tell Liam the truth and hoped that he and Steffy would still be able to repair their marriage. However, Katie stopped Wyatt cold in his tracks. She advised him not to tell because it was not in his best interest to remain married to Steffy. She believes that Hope is a better match for Steffy. Yet Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via She Knows Soaps, state that Katie will feel guilty on Monday, May 21.


Wyatt wanted to tell the truth because Liam’s decision to annul the marriage was based on what he witnessed and told him. He also felt that there was a baby to be involved. B&B fans will recall that Wyatt even promised Liam that he will always be honest with him, especially as far as his marriage is concerned. However, Katie told him that Steffy cheated on Liam and that he would always have lingering doubts and feelings of distrust toward his father and Steffy. She felt that Liam and Steffy would be better co-parents, and that Hope would be a wonderful stepmother. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that her strong feelings on cheating have deep roots.


Katie tells Wyatt that Hope is someone that Liam can trust. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also state that she will tell him how she feels about cheaters. B&B fans know that Bill, time and again, cheated on her. In fact, Steffy once seduced Bill when she was much younger, and then a few years later they had an emotional affair while he was married to Katie.

As far as the guilt is concerned, perhaps Katie feels that Liam deserves better than someone who cheats. However, she may also feel guilty that she is now complicit in breaking up a family. She also will have to live with the fact that Hope will marry someone who would not have chosen to be with her had it not been for a lie that she and Wyatt had not exposed. Tune in to CBS every weekday for the latest Bold and the Beautiful, and check back often for spoilers, updates, and news.