WWE Rumors: Nia Jax Might Be Turning Heel On Ronda Rousey, Per ‘WrestlingNews.co’


It wasn’t too long ago when Nia Jax turned babyface, attacking Alexa Bliss and Mickie James on Monday Night Raw as they gossiped behind her back, then beating Bliss at WrestleMania 34 for her first Raw Women’s Championship. Since then, she’s been presented as a positive role model whose recent storylines portrayed her as the bullying and body-shaming victim triumphing over adversity. However, it might not be long before Jax is turned heel, as she prepares to defend her title against former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey at Money in the Bank.

According to WrestlingNews.co, it’s been rumored that WWE wants Jax to return to the villainous role she played prior to her face turn earlier this year, as she teams up with Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon, whose WrestleMania feud against Rousey might be resumed “in a few months.” This would involve McMahon reprising the role her father, WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon, played in his rivalry against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the late ’90s, this time stacking the odds against Rousey in various matches and segments.

WrestlingNews.co added that the Nia Jax heel turn has been considered as part of the Stephanie McMahon vs. Ronda Rousey feud because WWE wants Stephanie to become a “bigger mainstream star,” given her real-life work as a top company executive and the “face” of the WWE at corporate events. As for Vince McMahon, the publication noted that Vince has mostly preferred to book Jax as a “monster heel” anyway, with the announcement of her weight originally meant to make her appear as a truly intimidating figure compared to the other women on the Monday Night Raw roster.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jax challenged Rousey at a press conference on Monday morning, with the MMA superstar-turned wrestler quickly accepting, and setting up a Raw Women’s Championship match at next month’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. This will be Rousey’s second major pro wrestling match, following her debut at WrestleMania 34, where she and Kurt Angle teamed up to defeat Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in a mixed tag team match that mostly got positive reviews from fans and wrestling analysts.

Nia Jax isn’t the only woman on the Monday Night Raw roster expected to make a heel turn on Ronda Rousey in the coming weeks or months. According to WrestlingNews.co, rumors have also pointed to Natalya turning heel on the former UFC champion, despite WWE recently debuting her on Raw as a babyface and focusing on her real-life role as Rousey’s friend and pro wrestling mentor.