Bruce Willis Discusses ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’

Bruce Willis has been discussing reprising the role of John McClane for the forthcoming movie, A Good Day To Die Hard.

Willis first played McClane in 1988’s Die Hard, and the actor has revealed that the fifth instalment of the Die Hard franchise features a huge car chase that took 78 days to film. Willis also admitted that he believes the original movie is the ultimate action film to be compared to.

Speaking to Total Film, Willis stated, “Everybody has their own version of what would be a great, big action sequence in the next Die Hard film. Sometimes it goes outside the box, sometimes it seems organic to the story. It’s just something you shoot – something you do.”

Talking about being asked to return for the series, Willis added, “I’m really pleased to continue to be asked back to do other versions and other incarnations of Die Hard. The first one really is … that’s all there is. Everything else is just trying to be as good as that film.”

A Good Day To Die Hard will see Willis’ McClane join together with his son Jack, who is played by Jai Courtney, in Russia as they fight a group of terrorists. The movie will also co-star Cole Hauser, Sebastian Koch, and Yuliya Snigir; was written by Skip Woods, who scribed X-Men Origins: Wolverine; and is directed by John Moore, who replaces Len Wiseman.

A Good Day To Die Hard will be released on February 14. Which is your favorite Die Hard film? Are you excited for the fifth movie?