Hilary Duff’s Neighbor Speaks Out About Feud After Receiving Threats From Her Fans

Richard ShotwellAP Images

Hilary Duff’s neighbor is speaking out about her epic social media rant that now has him facing the wrath of Disney Channel fans. After Hilary took to her Instagram Story to put her neighbor, Dieter Addison, on blast for his alleged bad neighbor behavior, her loyal fans reportedly began to harass him.

Hilary Duff currently stars on the TV Land series Younger, but years before that, she was a child star on Disney’s Lizzie McGuire, so she has a loyal fan following. In an interview with the New York Post, Dieter Addison said he is considering a restraining order against Hilary because he’s getting “a lot of hate mail and threats” from her fans.

“It is so bad I’m going to have to get a bodyguard,” Addison said.

Dieter went on to allege that Duff’s seemingly out-of-nowhere Instagram rant came after her boyfriend, Matthew Koma, barged into his apartment and tried to punch him. Dieter filed a police report.

As for Hilary Duff’s Instagram allegations that Dieter “smokes weed all night long,” and that he has “never worked a day in his life” while his rich parents pay his bills, Addison claims he lives with a sober companion and has been sober for months.

“I smoke a ton of cigarettes, don’t get me wrong — but this is a smoking building, which is why I signed the lease here,” Duff’s neighbor told the Post.


Addison revealed that he works for family’s real estate office and has a side gig as an event producer. Dieter also maintained that he has tried to be a considerate neighbor to Duff and her 6-year-old son, Luca. After the actress moved into the building, Addison says he turned down his loud music and offered to send in contractors to fix ventilation problems after she complained about his cigarette smoke.

Hilary Duff has denied that things got physical between her boyfriend and Addison prior to her social media posts. A rep for the actress told People that “there was no altercation whatsoever.”

“Koma went over today and asked politely yet again for [the neighbor] to take his smoking outside so as not to impact others,” Duff’s rep told the magazine.

While Hilary may not agree with Dieter’s explanation of their feud, she has deleted her social media posts about him. Hilary’s rep issued a statement on her behalf, explaining, “Hilary and her young son have been subjected to excessive secondhand smoke, late-night noise, garbage in the hallways, and an overall hazardous living environment from this man for months now. She tried numerous times in polite ways to handle this situation including countless sessions with the landlords of the building.

On Wednesday, E! News posted photos from Duff’s Instagram story in which she name-checked Addison and asked her followers for advice on how to handle an “a**hole neighbor.” Duff claimed that her apartment reeked from his all-night weed smoking and she illustrated her posts with the damning eggplant emoji.

“We know your parents pay your rent,” Hilary wrote. “We know you’ve never worked a day in your life—must be nice. Have some respect for your neighbors who work hard to live in that building. Don’t be a d*ck dude—and put your trash down the shoot.”


Hilary also went on to troll Addison after pulling up the front page of his private Instagram account to show his profile photo to her 9 million followers.

As for what prompted Hilary Duff to call out her neighbor in such a public way, the actress’s rep said, “As every mother knows, protecting your kid has to come first and foremost and that is her primary goal. She reached a breaking point after a 15-hour workday and yet another sleepless night.”