‘Days Of Our Lives’ 5/17/18 [Recap]: Leo Traps Sonny With Sex, Abby Learns She Cheated & Stefan Provokes Chad

The storyline heats up on today’s, May 17, episode of Days of Our Lives. Leo has a new boss, Kate, forcing him to continue his efforts to take down Sonny. We find out that Kate is lying about how Vivian died. Gabi spills the beans about Abigail’s sexual relationship with Stefan, and the DiMera brothers go head to head in a nasty verbal dispute. All love is not lost, however, on our favorite daytime drama. Hope throws away the annulment papers and admits that she is still in love with Rafe.

Now that Vivian is dead, Leo has a new boss to answer to on NBC‘s daytime drama Days of Our Lives. Giving an uncharacteristic compliment regarding Vivian’s plan to take down Titan Enterprises, Kate DiMera has taken over as Leo’s boss and is masterminding a sexual harassment lawsuit.

After sneaking into Sonny’s office, Leo steals the phone off his desk. He then disconnects the security cameras, deleting the new footage all the way back to when he took his shirt off in Sonny’s office. He then sends a series of incriminating texts from Sonny’s phone to his own.

“Leo, being with you drives me crazy”

“You should work shirtless all the time”

“I have reoccurring fantasies of the two of us going at it on my desk”

Leo calls his new boss, Kate, to fill her in on his progress. Kate approves and wonders how long it will take to get Sonny into bed.

Leo then reconnects the surveillance equipment and waits for Sonny to return to Titan. Leo tells Sonny that if he cannot be with him while an employee at Titan then he will resign effective immediately. Of course, the security footage only records video so it will be Sonny’s word against Leo’s. Sonny starts to refuse but caves into his desires and has sex with Leo on his desk, cameras rolling.

Kate walks into the Salem PD to discuss Vivian’s death with Hope and Rafe. Forensic evidence has come back and it proves that Kate’s story is not accurate. Vivian’s hands did not have any gunpowder residue on them, proving that the gun was not in her hands when it was fired. The ballistic evidence also shows that Vivian was not shot at point blank range as Kate originally claimed.

Kate becomes defensive and lawyers up. Hope and Rafe both know that Kate is lying about Vivian’s death, however, they don’t know why. Kate believes that the officers don’t care that Vivian had tortured her for years claiming, “Vivian haunted me in life and now she is haunting me in death.”

Chad has gone to the DiMera mansion to get some of Abby’s belongings. Stefan is there, intent upon provoking Chad’s temper. Chad takes one look at his brother and announces “If you ever go near my wife again, I swear on everything that I love Stefan, I will kill you.”

Stefan announces that he is not going to walk away from Salem with his tail between his legs. He tells Chad that he is supposed to be family, however, he is now considered an enemy. Chad supports the woman who killed Stefan’s mother and he took Gabby (Gabigail) away from him.

Stefan states, “Even if I never see her again Chad, we both know she slept with me.” Stefan didn’t stop there. He reminds Chad of the moment he walked in on his wife in bed with Stefan claiming, “It wasn’t your wife, but it was her body and Gabby knew how to use it.”

“When we were together it was unbridled desire. Who knew that Abigail had that inside her this whole time?”

Chad’s response to Stefan’s verbal abuse was what you can expect from a man desperate to protect the image of the woman he loves. He grabbed the letter opener from the desk and held it firmly against Stefan’s throat. Although Stefan begged Chad to follow through and kill him, Chad put down his weapon and proclaimed, “you’re not worth it.”

In the meantime, Abby has gone to the prison infirmary to visit Gabi. She wants to apologize and explain to Gabi what happened. Gabi lays into Abigail about the planted evidence but Abigail remembers that it was not her, but Stefan, who planted the murder weapon inside Ari’s overnight bag.

Not realizing that Chad had kept Abby in the dark, Gabi filled her ex-friend in on all of the sexual details of the relationship between Gabigail and Stefan. Abby is traumatized by the realization that she has cheated on Chad and the fact that Chad witnessed it with his own eyes.

Abigail tells Gabi that she will head down to the courthouse and plead guilty, furthering her apology saying that what she did was unforgivable. She wishes to have Gabi released and back home with her daughter as soon as possible. The memories are beginning to come back to Abby in flashes and it won’t be long before she is able to piece together the events of the past couple of months since Andre’s death. The episode ends with Abigail walking into the DiMera mansion, presumably to confront Stefan.