‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Finn And Anna Connect, Alexis Winds Up Feeling Lost And Hurt

Rich PolkGetty Images for IMDb

Alexis has a big night ahead of her with the award she’s slated to receive at the Nurses Ball. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that Alexis’ excitement may turn to heartbreak thanks to Finn and a conversation he shares with Anna. Is there about to be a shift in this not-entirely-popular love triangle?

The romance between Alexis and Finn has had its ups and downs since it’s unpredictable beginning, but she recently decided she wanted to see where things led with him and they’ve been growing closer to one another. Finn and Alexis have been cautiously opening up to one another after a surprising and sudden romp in his hotel room a few months back and General Hospital spoilers tease that this complex relationship is about to take another turn.

Previews show that Finn will spend some time chatting with Anna and Robin at the Nurses Ball and viewers watched on Wednesday as he caught her after a trip on the red carpet. During that moment, it looked like the sparks were still flying, and it’s been fairly clear that they both have feelings for the other. Viewers will have to tune in to see exactly what happens, but the speculation is that Finn and Anna may admit that there are still unresolved feelings between them and that Alexis will catch wind of this.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that during this next episode, Alexis is going to be left shattered. Teasers for Thursday and Friday indicate that Finn will be rushing to apologize over something and Soap Central adds that he’ll be feeling extremely remorseful. It has been said that people will be professing their feelings during all of this May chaos and fans have a hunch that the Finn/Anna/Alexis triangle is about to shift.

Granted, GH fans haven’t fully taken to this Finn and Alexis romance. At the same time, the Finn and Anna pairing has received a somewhat lukewarm reception as well. Many General Hospital fans remain frustrated that Rebecca Budig’s Hayden was sent away, as her romance with the doctor had won many viewers over.

Alexis may be left stunned and hurt over what comes next from Finn, but fans haven’t given up on seeing her reunite with Julian and think that should be the end game. “Julexis” has weathered its fair share of rough times, but GH is toying with a romance between Julian and Kim at the moment. However, there have been hints that there is good news on the way for Julexis fans and this shake-up at the Nurses Ball might set the stage for that to happen.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Thursday’s show will be a juicy one, jam-packed with action on many fronts. Viewers will be curious to see where the show heads next when it comes to Alexis, Anna, Finn, Kim, and Julian, and it sounds as if a shake-up regarding who is paired with whom might be a welcome change to many at this point.