Zendaya Dons Teeny Yellow Bikini For Pool Playdate With Her Pooch

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Zendaya is known for rocking the red carpet, like she did with her appearance at the Met Gala recently, but she knows how to look great when she’s laying low and relaxing as well. The actress embraced the warm May spring days with some sun and fun in the pool and she donned a teeny yellow bikini as she shared updates on her pup Noon with fans.

The Daily Mail details that Zendaya’s bikini photos hit Instagram as she lounged with her pup Noon on Wednesday in Los Angeles. She joked with followers that Noon doesn’t “f*** around” when it comes to the pool and it seems he tackled the first step on his own. Zendaya looks proud of her pup in her latest photos and fans know she’s got a deep love for Noon.

Twist notes that the Greatest Showman and Spider-Man: Homecoming star received the puppy for Christmas in 2015, just a couple of months after she lost her previous dog Midnight. The black schnauzer regularly travels with Zendaya and she’s referred to him as her son, and herself as a dog mom, in previous posts.

What about Zendaya’s other supposed love, rumored boyfriend and co-star Tom Holland? Zendaya and Tom have repeatedly insisted that they are just very good friends, but fans feel fairly confident that they are more than that. There was no sign of him in these latest bikini pictures at the pool with Noon, but they do spend a lot of time together.

Hollywood Life recently shared shots that seemed to indicate that Holland had spent the night at her place. However, given that Tom doesn’t live in Los Angeles, it may well be that she was giving her bestie a place to crash while he was in town. These dating rumors have been swirling for almost a year now and it doesn’t look like the two plan to confirm anything anytime soon if romance truly is in the air.

Zendaya may play coy when it comes to her relationship with Tom Holland, but she isn’t at all shy about her love for pooch Noon. Fans loved seeing both Zendaya’s bikini shots and her fun pictures with her pup and chances are good that there will be more of both on the way as spring turns to summer in Los Angeles.

Us against the world son ????

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