‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter’s Furious With Valentin While Sam, Jason, And Spinelli Hunt For The Truth

Willy SanjuanInvision/AP Images

The Nurses Ball in Port Charles is in full swing and General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is plenty of action on the way. Guests are ready for the entertaining performances ahead, but there is drama swirling behind the scenes and it sounds as if Peter’s secret that he’s really Henrik is on the verge of finally emerging.

Viewers know that Sam, Jason, and Spinelli have been working together to find Henrik and General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that there’s progress ahead with Thursday’s show. Sam will be snooping through Peter’s office at Aurora while he’s occupied with the ball and she’ll uncover a critical clue.

It looks as if Sam will find something that firmly links Peter and Faison together and it sounds as if she’ll waste little time in letting Jason and Spinelli know what she’s found. As this is playing out, General Hospital spoilers detail that Peter and Valentin will quietly connect and argue once again about Anna.

Peter is worried that Anna will expose their secret, but Valentin remains protective of her. Peter will threaten to take care of Anna himself, and viewers know that Valentin’s not going to hang back and let her get hurt. He may have been fine with seeing Robert taken captive, but it’s another story when it comes to Anna.

The buzz is that the truth about Henrik will be revealed quite soon, perhaps in conjunction with the Nurses Ball. General Hospital viewers know that this reveal will send shockwaves throughout Port Charles and spoilers from Soap Central indicate that next week, Valentin will be desperate to keep his secrets under wraps. However, he will be exposed soon and it seems he’ll face his biggest fears of losing what he loves most.

Additional General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s show note that Curtis will be anxious to propose to Jordan again, but Aunt Stella’s presence makes him hesitate, and Dante’s plan to haze Chase by leaving him to perform alone will move forward. There’s also drama ahead involving Finn, Anna, and Alexis and viewers will be anxious to see where the drama heads next.