Prince Harry ‘Isn’t Happy’ Unless Meghan Markle Is, Reportedly Wants To Protect Her From Family Drama

Ian Vogler - WPA PoolGetty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t married yet, but he is already playing the role of doting husband. Harry is said to be trying his best to keep Meghan’s spirits up during the week of their wedding, despite all of the drama going on in her family.

According to a May 16 report by Us Weekly Magazine, Prince Harry has been a rock for his soon-to-be wife, Meghan Markle, to lean on in the days before the royal wedding. Harry is said to be trying to shield Meghan from as much drama as possible, and reportedly “isn’t happy unless she is happy.”

Sources tell the outlet that Prince Harry has been “super protective” over Meghan Markle, and that when negative press comes, he “blows it off and acts as though it’s them two against the world.”

Sadly, Harry knows all too well how the press can impact someone’s life. His beloved mother, Princess Diana, was scrutinized by the media, and even died in a car accident while reportedly trying escape the paparazzi.

The past week has been especially dramatic for Meghan Markle. Her father, Thomas Markle, suffered a heart attack, and later admitted that he had staged paparazzi photos. Thomas then announced that he would not be going to the royal wedding in hopes of not embarrassing his daughter any further. He later had a change of heart and revealed he wanted to walk his daughter down the aisle, but was taken back to the hospital with more chest pain.

Thomas was told that he would need surgery, and that he would not be able to make the trip to the U.K. for Meghan Markle’s wedding. Meghan officially confirmed the news on Wednesday via a statement from the palace.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been very concerned about her father’s health crisis, and have been experiencing mixed emotions this week as they are also excited to get married and start their new lives together.

The royal wedding will take place on Saturday, May 19, with coverage beginning in the United States in the early hours of the morning.