Gwyneth Paltrow Showed Fans That The ‘Apple’ Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree In Honor Of Daughter’s Birthday

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Some celebrity parents are known for maintaining a certain level of privacy when it comes to their children, and with good reason. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those celebrity parents. We’re used to seeing the mother-of-two post photos of her children on her Instagram, but if you look back on all the photos, you rarely ever see a photo that shows the Avengers: Infinity War actress’s daughter, Apple, full face.

Perhaps Paltrow, 45, caught on, which is why she recently decided to post a gorgeous photo of her daughter along with a sweet message in honor of Apple’s 14th birthday. And this really was a case of the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“Happy birthday, my darling girl…You are the most vibrant, hilarious, twirling all over the place, beautiful (inside and out) young woman,” gushed the proud mother.

Apple Blythe Alison Martin is almost all grown up and if you look at her alongside her mother, the spitting image is hard to not notice. The Shakespeare in Love actress was previously married to Chris Martin, the frontman of popular British rock band Coldplay, for 10 years, in which she also had son, Moses, who recently turned 12 last month. The couple announced their separation in 2014, but continue to remain friends for the sake of Apple and Moses.

The birthday shoutout came the day after Mother’s Day in which Paltrow shared a throwback photo of when she was pregnant with Apple as a tribute to all mothers everywhere.

Aside from celebrating her only daughter’s birthday, the Goop founder is also getting ready to say “I do” once again. Paltrow has been in a relationship with former Glee producer Brad Falchuck since 2014. The couple met when she herself appeared on the show as free-spirited, substitute teacher Holly Holliday. The couple officially announced their engagement in January. Like Paltrow, Falchuck was also previously married for 10 years and has two children as well.

The Sliding Doors actress says Apple and Moses are “excited” about the wedding, and, for the record, so is she.

“I’ve never had a wedding or any of these fun, like, bride kind of things,” she admitted. The actress and her fiancé recently attended their own engagement party hosted by former Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy. Paltrow says she is “enjoying” herself as she gets to experience what planning a wedding is actually like. She and Martin eloped when they got married. So it would seem like the second time might be the charm.