Becca Kufrin Touches Down, Is Ready For ‘The Bachelorette’

Craig SjodinABC

Becca Kufrin is back home. The Bachelorette star recently wrapped her season of the rose-filled ABC reality show, and based on her smiley homecoming snap, it looks like she found her happily ever after. After a two-month absence from social media, Kufrin posted a photo to Instagram which shows she has landed back in the U.S. after her whirlwind journey to find love. The snap shows a beaming Becca wheeling her luggage through the airport.

Kufrin captioned the pic with: “Guess who! Back just in time to share my lurve journey with you all, because it begins in only a week and a half! Tune in every Monday starting the 28th to watch it all unfold. #thebachelorette #abc#bachelornation.”

Earlier this year, Becca Kufrin was the original “winner” of Arie Luyendyk, Jr.’s season of The Bachelor. Arie proposed to Becca with an $80,000 Neil Lane ring on the finale of his Bachelor season, but soon had a change of heart and dumped her weeks later as ABC’s cameras rolled. Arie is now engaged to his second pick, Lauren Burnham, while Becca was gifted The Bachelorette gig. Becca’s catchphrase for her new season is, “Let’s do the damn thing”— and now she has done it.

You can see Becca Kufrin’s first post-Bachelorette photo below.

Becca Kufrin will choose from 28 suitors this season on The Bachelorette. Longtime host Chris Harrison has already described Becca’s journey as a “kick a** season.” And Harrison told E! News reporters that Becca could even have a bit of an Arie moment herself as her season of the ABC reality show unfolds.

“You have that built-in story, the heartbreak and her coming off of that…the way she was treated, but it’s kind of interesting how she will deal with it and will she fall in the same trap that Arie did. She was very cognizant of how she was acting and how she was treating the guys and not doing that. But at the end, I will just say this: she can — not understand what Arie did — but definitely sympathize with what happened.”

Chris Harrison also teased that Becca’s season of the show will feature “the most ridiculous fight” in the history of the ABC franchise.

“We are done. I know everything,” Harrison told ET of Becca’s season. “We just wrapped …and May 28 is our premiere. It’s right around the corner. It’s so damn good. It’s such a great season. She’s a great bachelorette, the guys are great, the drama’s there, the tears, the ridiculous arguments. It’s good, it’s really good.”

The Bachelorette host promised that viewers will get a better glimpse of the “strong, independent woman” Becca is.

“I think people feel like, ‘Oh, she’s just this nice pushover.’ She is not,” Harrison told ET. “She’s a bad*ss woman that can handle her own, trust me. And I’m very defensive of my bachelorettes. She doesn’t need it. She took care of herself.”

Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 28, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.