Anonymous Compares Obama To Hitler For His Gun Control Policies

Anonymous Compares Obama's Gun Policy To Hitller

The feared libertarian Hacktivist collective, Anonymous, decided to send President Obama a very personal message for his inauguration. Comparing the President to Nazi leader Adolph Hitler in their protest against Obama’s gun control policies, the hackers released a highly provocative 15 minute video accusing the President of trying to disarm legal gun owners in order to impose tyranny. Anonymous took Mr. Obama to task for what they believe is the President’s well thought out plan to exploit the American people’s sincere sympathy for the young victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting to force his gun grabbing agenda on law abiding citizens.

“Throughout history, authoritarian governments have used gun violence as an excuse to take people’s firearms and control their population.This is exactly what Adolf Hitler did to disarm the German people and look at the atrocities his administration did. Obama has been working hard to try and ban all semi-automatic weapons and shot guns while at the same time increasing the weapons and firepower that police and government agencies have.”

Anonymous pulled no punches in their attack on the President’s policies and his cheering section of talking heads and journalists.The hacking group assailed the mainstream media for their constant, dishonest exploitation of tragic murders to launch an assault on the Second Amendment. Anonymous believes the media is working hand in hand with Obama to demonize legal gun owners while they ignore the deadly violence committed by law enforcement against American citizens.

The video spoke angrily about several controversial shootings of unarmed suspects by police including the murder of a handcuffed prisoner in San Francisco that resulted in days of violent rioting. Anonymous also addressed the well documented fact that the American cities with the strictest laws against legal gun ownership have the highest rates of murder and violent crime in the nation.

As might be expected, liberal supporters of Obama tried their best to discredit the video by claiming it was a fake of dubious origin. In an obvious act of desperation, one blogger even claimed the video was actually created by the NRA as a means to provoke a violent attack on the President

Anonymous stands by their statement concerning the President’s freedom crushing agenda. The video is identical in appearance and tone to the recent series of videos the group produced when they declared war on the Westboro Baptist Church for threatening to picket the children’s funerals in Newtown, Connecticut. As always, Anonymous proudly voiced their strong support for human rights and individual liberty while condemning the intrusion into every aspect of our lives by an all powerful, big brother government.

They are Anonymous! They are legion! They do not forgive! The do not forget! Expect them!