‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel’s Trouble Mounts Because Of Past Legal Complications

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Charleston Police continue to investigate charges of forcible rape against Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel after Nanny Dawn, the nanny and baby nurse for his children, accused the former state treasurer of sexual assault. Ravenel has been staying quiet on social media as police detectives continue to interview people close to Ravenel, including people involved with the filming and production of Southern Charm.

Fitsnews broke the news that Dawn was initially interviewed by police for over five hours, and produced evidence including photos taken after the alleged assault and voicemails from Ravenel. Dawn claims that she was working for Ravenel in January 2015 when Ravenel attacked her, first exposing himself and then grabbing her, strangling her with her own T-shirt while she attempted to get away.

“I didn’t want to scream and scare Kensie, but I told him no repeatedly.”

Dawn explains that after reading about Ashley Perkins, who said her mother was reportedly sexually assaulted by Ravenel, she finally found the courage to talk to the police. She explains that she wants to feel that something good came out of her story, and that would be to pay it forward and encourage others to talk about their sexual assault.

Many people have wondered if the assault that Dawn alleges happened is within the statute of limitations, but according to the website Victims of Crime, South Carolina, where the alleged crime occurred, has no statute of limitations when it comes to sexual assault and rape. So even though Dawn waited three years to report a crime, in the eyes of the law in South Carolina, that doesn’t matter.

Another factor that is against Ravenel is his prior criminal past. Thomas Ravenel served time in federal prison on cocaine charges while he was the state treasurer for the state of South Carolina. After Ravenel was released from prison, he remained on probation for some time while filming Southern Charm which continued through Season 4.

Ravenel even referenced his probation status in 2016 when the cast of Southern Charm went on a hunting trip, says Vulture. Ravenel told everyone he could not participate because, as part of his probation, he could not handle guns. This sets up a timeline which would indicate that Thomas was still on probation at the time Dawn says that he attacked her. If this is the case, then it could complicate Ravenel’s legal situation as an assault would violate his probation.

Ravenel was arrested in 2014 for drunk driving in New York while Dawn was still working as the nanny for Ravenel’s daughter Kensie, says the Post and Courier. Ravenel’s DUI arrest and conviction occurred when he was throwing his hat into the ring to run for political office.

Ravenel initially denied that he was not drunk on the night he was arrested in the Hamptons.

“In this situation, however, I emphatically reject the allegations of intoxication and erratic driving. As I told the arresting officer – who I respect for doing his job – I had a beer at the club and a glass of wine prior to that at dinner. I was not drunk, and I look forward to making my case in court.”

But when Ravenel had his day in court, he used it to plead guilty and surrender his license for six months.

The Charleston Police had no comment when asked if the fact that Ravenel has a criminal history would have any impact on his current situation.