NFL Rumors: ‘247 Sports’ Lists Patriots As A Top Dez Bryant Destination

Hannah FoslienGetty Images

Dez Bryant has become one of the most talked about names in the NFL this offseason. After being released by the Dallas Cowboys, Bryant has been searching for a good fit in free agency. There has been one problem, which is the fact that quite a few teams don’t view Bryant as a good fit for them.

Teams like the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints have received the most buzz as potential landing spots for Bryant. Neither team appears to have much interest in the former superstar wide receiver.

According to a list of top predictions for Bryant from 247 Sports, the New England Patriots are third-best potential landing spot behind the Saints and Packers.

“The Patriots have struck gold with a similar receiver in the past. When they acquired Randy Moss at the age of 29, he put up perhaps the best season any wide receiver has had in NFL history. Bryant is 29 now, and it’s hard not to make that connection. If he can catch 69 passes with Dak Prescott and a crumbling offense, what could he do with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick?”

Bryant has heard people use terms like “washed up” to describe him over the past couple of years. Even after catching 69 passes for 838 yards and six touchdowns last season, most fans don’t think that Bryant is worth their team signing. His former teammates have another opinion.

Both Jason Witten and Tony Romo have come out publicly to state that Bryant is still capable of being an elite receiver. Teaming up with a star quarterback would be a big step in the right direction for him. Bryant has not fit well in the Cowboys’ offense with Dak Prescott under center.

Even at 29 years old, Bryant is still worth a one-year deal. There has been talk that teams are avoiding him because of the potential locker room issues that it could start. Bryant has been known to be very outgoing and outspoken throughout his career.

Once again, Bryant’s former teammates have come to his defense. They have all said that he was a great teammate and that he did not cause the problems that the media tried to pin on him.

Playing with Tom Brady could be exactly what Bryant needs to get back on track. One year of playing with Brady in the Patriots’ offense could help Bryant get back to being considered a star. New England has always been interested in adding more talent for Brady to work with over the years.

All of that being said, it seems likely that Bryant will find a new team at some point in the next month or two. Some team will take the risk and sign Bryant and likely will be very happy that they did.