Critics Fear President Donald Trump’s Style Of Grandstanding Could Jeopardize North Korea Meeting

Scott OlsonGetty Images

President Donald Trump’s style of making deals could get in the way as talks with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un continues to develop. At least that is the point of view from a few of President Trump’s critics.

According to the Washington Post, there is a heightened concern regarding Donald Trump’s brash style as he seeks a meeting with the leadership of North Korea. It is the belief that Donald Trump will continue to push forward making a deal with North Korea through the public, all while neglecting to put together any substance of such agreement.

Donald Trump’s public style of deal-making, coupled with the idea of achieving history, could get in the way, his critics fear.

Former CIA official Jung Pak is one of President Trump’s critics. Pak raised concerns about how frequently President Trump seeks publicity as he conducts his business.

“Creating a huge buzz where everyone wants to know what’s going on and what comes next, it’s a very dramatic way of conducting foreign policy and national security. But it creates a thin veneer of understanding. It’s mostly about symbolism.”

Pak’s assessment of how President Donald Trump is handling talks with North Korea is duly noted. He cautions that President Trump’s methods can have some catastrophic results if nothing materializes.

Public embarrassment is what President Donald Trump is risking. Any embarrassment of President Trump can be viewed as shameful for the United States, especially if President Trump continues to pander through social media and news outlets.


President Trump has the tendency to reveal foreign policy via Twitter and through his preferred news outlets.

To the unkeen eye it could come across as sincere and open. However, some view President Trump’s approach with North Korea and other elements of foreign policy as grandstanding. It can work in some cases, but it can implode in others.

Amid reports of Kim Jong Un’s threats to cancel (courtesy of CNN) the June 12 meeting with Donald Trump, any bit of grandstanding or false bravado could ruin a historic face-to-face. For as prideful as President Trump can be, his penchant for not treading lightly could hurt his cause.

Peace talks and putting North Korea’s pursuit of becoming a nuclear power to a halt is the purpose of the proposed meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Negotiating through social media, as President Trump has tried to do in the past, could ruin things.

Other critics fear that President Trump’s desire to win the public perception battle will force him to gain a political victory at all costs. That could mean President Trump brokering a deal with North Korea lacking any substance, hurting the United States in the process.

Such concerns are necessary as President Donald Trump is on a historic course. How President Trump conducts himself up until the time he meets Kim Jong Un could shape how he handles foreign policy going forward.