‘Destiny 2’: Crucible Labs And Exotic Armor Updates Coming End Of May, New Event And More In July


Destiny 2: Warmind and its accompanying changes were released barely a week ago and Bungie already has more significant updates planned for release in May. The studio shared a refreshed development roadmap for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC shooter Wednesday and revealed further updates are coming this month plus more exciting changes planned for July.

The Warmind expansion 1.2.0 update has done much to improve Destiny 2′s gameplay and quality of life. The Exotic weapon changes alone have provided a breath of fresh air to the shooter. Exotic Armor changes were originally planned for the expansion’s release as well but were then pushed off to the summer.

In a clear attempt to keep the momentum of changes going, Bungie will be releasing some Exotic Armor changes to Destiny 2 as part of the 1.2.1 update scheduled to be released on May 29. No information on which pieces of armor will be improved has been revealed yet. However, more will arrive as part of another update planned for July.

The 1.2.1 update will also come with two other significant improvements to Destiny 2. The game will finally receive a Public Test Region (PTR) style environment for PVP called Crucible Labs. Titles like Overwatch and PUBG use these test environments to give changes a full run-down and receive feedback from the community before releasing them into the live game.

Design Lead Derek Carrol explained the goals of the Crucible Labs.

“Crucible Labs will give every player of Destiny 2 access to experimental PvP content. We’ll then have a chance to solicit your feedback to guide our final iterations.”

Faction Rallies improvements are also coming with the last-minute May update. The PVE event has largely been a disappointment since Destiny 2‘s release as it has mostly been spent farming activities for tokens. Details on the changes to the event have not yet been revealed.

July Update

The Destiny 2 development roadmap has also added some new items for the July update. Year 1 Triumphs are coming along with Prestige modes for the Raid Lairs from the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions.

For those unfamiliar, Triumphs are the chance to earn primarily exclusive cosmetic items based on what players have completed in the game. This includes Ornaments, Shaders, Sparrows, Emblems, and other items. Additionally, completing all Triumphs in Destiny 1 earned a chance to purchase a limited-edition T-shirt from Bungie.

Other planned items for the Summer update such as Bounties and PC Clan Text chat remain. The interesting thing to watch is how Bungie handles the split between the Exotic Armor changes between May and June and how much the first update informs the latter.