‘Westworld’ Season 2 Episode 5 Preview: ‘Akane No Mai’

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While HBO was originally scant on giving out information on upcoming Season 2 episodes of Westworld, the last couple of weeks have been a veritable smorgasbord. So, here’s everything we know about Episode 5 of Westworld.

Episode 5 of Westworld Season 2 is titled “Akane No Mai.” Right away, viewers are expecting they will finally be immersed fully in Shogun World, something that has been hinted at since the Season 1 finale of Westworld.

While no real synopsis has been released in relation to Episode 5, HBO has confirmed that this episode will certainly be an introduction to the new park, which Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) group stumbled across at the end of Episode 3 of Westworld.

“Welcome to Shogun World,” HBO teased.

Episode 5 is written by Dan Dietz and directed by Craig Zobel.

Along with the brief synopsis, a trailer has been released for Episode 5. As the Hollywood Reporter points out, a very similar narrative to Maeve’s is voiced over the trailer. While Maeve has been known to spill out her original narrative of how she ended up in Westworld, “When I finally set foot back on solid ground, the first thing I heard was that voice. And it followed me all the way over. Do you know what it said? It said, ‘This is the new world. And in this world, you can be whoever the f*ck you want,'” this narrative is spoken by Shogun World character Akane (Rinko Kikuchi).

“I was plagued by a voice… It said, ‘This is a new world. And, in this world…”

“You can be whatever you want to be,” Maeve butts in and finishes Akane’s sentence — in Japanese.

This dialogue reveals that no matter which park you are in, all of the narratives appear to be the same, albeit with minor alterations.

HBO's 'Westworld' Season 2, Episode 5, Akane No Mai, Teddy and Dolores
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While the trailer appears to focus heavily on the new Shogun World, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is seen, so fans can rest assured that the Westworld park storylines will still appear in Episode 5.

You can view the trailer for Episode 5 of Westworld Season 2 below.

Along with the trailer, HBO has released the following images ahead of Episode 5. Once again, most of these images hint at how heavy into Shogun World this episode will go.

Finally, you can view the full Westworld Episode 5 gallery below.

Season 2 of Westworld returns with Episode 5 on Sunday, May 20, at 9 p.m. ET.