Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister Reportedly Hospitalized After ‘Confrontation’ With Paparazzi, ‘TMZ’ Reports

Tolga AkmenAP Images

Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, has been reportedly hospitalized after a run-in with a paparazzo in Florida. TMZ reports that Samantha and her boyfriend were traveling in a car near a toll booth when another vehicle swerved in front of them. According to Markle’s companion, there was a photographer in the other car and he was trying to get a good shot of Samantha and himself. The boyfriend swung the car to the side to avoid hitting the other vehicle but crashed into a concrete barrier instead.

TMZ reports that Samantha Markle sustained a broken ankle and a fractured knee. Her boyfriend says that collision caused her to hit the windshield which led to her eventually ending up on the floor of the car. Samantha has multiple sclerosis so she was unable to pick herself up from the mat on her own. She was later admitted to an ER to be treated for her injuries.

The news of this accident follows a fresh update on Samantha and Meghan’s father’s health. Another TMZ article has revealed that Thomas Markle Sr. has made it through heart surgery. Thomas’ heart was seriously compromised after a heart attack eight days ago. Markle previously told the online tabloid that surgeons had to operate to clear a blockage and repair damage. Thomas Markle will miss the royal wedding because of his health and will not walk Meghan down the aisle.


Samantha has been publicly vocal about her alleged experiences with her half-sister Meghan, since the announcement of the former Suits actress’ engagement to Prince Harry. There are reports that she is writing a book about Meghan and herself called The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, a title which she claimed was a play on one of the media’s nicknames for Meghan. As The Sun notes, Samantha has not received an invitation to the royal wedding on Saturday. Samantha recently told Channel Four, during their program Meet The Markles, that some people in her family have an “air of entitlement about even a wedding invite.” We can assume that she’s speaking about her soon-to-be royal half-sister here.

The Sun also reported that Samantha Markle had “slammed claims” that Kensington Palace was assisting their father financially during his hospital stay. She instead says that she had to personally send him money so that he could undergo surgery.