NBA Rumors: Trae Young’s Father Wants New York Knicks To Draft Son

Brett DeeringGetty Images

Trae Young is going to be one of the most talked about players throughout the 2018 NBA Draft process. He put together a massive season for the Oklahoma Sooners last season and has even received comparisons to Golden State Warriors’ superstar point guard Stephen Curry.

Now that the NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone, teams know where they will be picking. Young’s father, Ray, has made it clear that he would like the New York Knicks to draft his son. At this point in time, the Knicks hold the No. 9 overall pick in the draft.

He talked about his son’s ability to play in big situations and deal with the media presence that New York has.

“That’s what Trae lives for. He lives for that type of stuff. Just think about it: He’s probably the most talked about, most publicized kid in this draft, and he’s been through it all. Trae’s been scrutinized to the point that he has thick skin. None of that stuff is going to bother him.”

Last season at Oklahoma, Young ended up averaging 27.4 points per game, while also chipping in 8.7 assists and 3.9 rebounds. He shot 42.2 percent from the field overall and knocked down 36.0 percent of his three-point attempts. Young shot those percentages while taking 19.3 shots per game and 10.3 threes.

There have been some concerns about Young’s size heading to the next level. He played the 2017-18 college season at 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds, but he has apparently bulked up a bit heading towards the draft.

New York likely doesn’t need a point guard. They have both Frank Ntilikina and Emmanuel Mudiay on the roster. Scott Perry, the Knicks’ general manager, has stated that the Knicks will not jump up in the draft to select a guard if they don’t think that guard is a perfect fit.

“It would only make sense if you feel that guard is far and away better than what you have on the roster. And we haven’t been able to make that determination yet.”

Young is going to be a very good NBA player for whoever ends up taking him. If the Knicks stand pat at No. 9, there is very little chance that they will get him. It seems likely that the Cleveland Cavaliers would take him with the No. 8 overall pick if he is still on the board.

Expect to hear a lot of news about Young as the draft process gets underway. He was the most popular name in college basketball last season and that popularity is not going away anytime soon.