Jim Carrey Says He Never Had Beef With Robin Williams

Christopher PolkGetty Images for AFI

Jim Carrey and Robin Williams are two of the most popular comedians that the entertainment industry has seen in quite some time. Both men have captured the love of fans and have built legacies for themselves. Unfortunately, Williams passed away back in 2014.

Just last week, however, a report from the New York Times tried to pit the two comedians against each other. Dave Itzkoff, who is a journalist for the Times, released a biography about Williams that suggested that Robin was jealous of Carrey. That is something that Carrey has come out publicly to deny.

Radar Online also picked up the chapter of the book that talked about Williams’ “jealousy” of Carrey and put together a false headline.

“Robin ‘Completely Freaked Out’ Over Jim’s Success: Their Bitter Feud Exposed.”

Carrey does not seem to be happy with the fake rumors that have been going around about a “beef” between himself and the late Williams. No one can blame him for being upset about false reports either.

Gossip Cop shared the quotes that Carrey gave to refute the reports being made about an issue.

RadarOnline is completely off base and creating a feud that didn’t exist. Robin may have expressed insecurity about me and my rise to success but I have never had anything but the greatest respect for him and his genius. He was also always respectful to me in person. He called me ‘Maestro’ and I called him ‘Billy the Kid.’ Let’s get it straight. There’s no feud if one side isn’t aware of it.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Williams and Carrey had mutual respect for one another. Having so much success in the same field usually comes with that. Williams and Carrey have both been viewed as very respectful individuals throughout their careers, making the biography and news report even more unbelievable.

Gossip Cop also shared that there are quite a few images of the two comedians getting along just fine.

“There are several photos of Williams and Carrey laughing and chatting at a 1999 Golden Globes after party. Another image posted on Twitter shows Williams resting his head on Carrey’s shoulder at the 2012 Comedy Awards. The duo also performed a bit together at the Celebrity Fight Night charity gala in 2006.”

Needless to say, this false claim of beef between Williams and Carrey is distasteful, and it is a good thing that Carrey came out to set the record straight.