Taylor Swift Files For Restraining Order Against Stalker Who Tried To Break Into Her House

Jason MerrittGetty Images

After a scare involving a stalker and an attempted break-in, Taylor Swift isn’t taking any chances.

According to TMZ, the pop star filed a restraining order on Wednesday in L.A. County against Julius Sandrock after Sandrock was arrested at her property last month under felony stalking charges.

Police took Sandrock into custody last month after he was spotted acting suspiciously outside of Swift’s Beverly Hills home. After the arrest, the cops found live ammunition, rope, latex gloves, and various masks inside his vehicle. At the time of arrest, police claimed Sandrock was wearing one of the masks and a pair of gloves as he tried to force his way into Swift’s home. Apparently, Sandrock was already on probation in Colorado when he was caught attempting to break into the mansion.

That, coupled with his alleged claims that he was suffering from several mental illnesses including depression and bipolar disorder, prompted law enforcement to request he be served with a firearms restraining order as well, but it looks like Swift is trying to be extra-cautious with this latest stalker by filing for a restraining order against him.

We don’t know if the request has been granted yet, but hopefully, this is the last time the singer will have to deal with an obsessed and possibly dangerous fan. Just recently, a man who was arrested in 2017 for loitering near Swift’s apartment building in New York City was sentenced to six months in jail for harassing the artist. Mohammed Jaffar pleaded guilty last week to attempted burglary after the prosecution revealed he had repeatedly called Swift’s management team, broke into her building to sneak up on her rooftop deck, and rang her doorbell multiple times over the course of three days.

Celebrity stalkers are unfortunately a real concern these days, especially with the rise of social media. Swift just launched her Reputation tour to promote her latest album last week where she opened up on stage about staying out of the public eye for a year, working on her music, and trying to make amends with fellow pop stars like Katy Perry. With an album to broadcast and more shows to perform, the last thing Swift needs is to be worried about a dangerous, mentally ill man putting herself and her team at risk, so the restraining order was a smart move on her part. Hopefully, it’s granted.