Meghan Markle Is Not Already Pregnant [Debunked]

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Another day, another Meghan Markle pregnancy claim.

Just a few days ahead of the royal wedding — a wedding that promises to stop everyone in their tracks the world over — yet another alleged “bombshell” about her being “in a family way” has emerged.

This time, it’s In Touch Weekly that’s guilty of the accusations — so much so, in fact, that their cover story is all about the “wedding bombshell” that Meghan Markle will walk down the aisle with a bun in her oven.

There’s just one problem: according to Gossip Cop, it’s just not true.

And this isn’t the first time the outlet made the allegation that Meghan Markle is pregnant — six months ago, they said the very same thing, and even went so far as to make the outrageous claim that Harry wanted to name the child Diana, if it was a girl.

Obviously, since they first made the claim six months ago, if Meghan Markle was pregnant, she wouldn’t have a small baby bump on the day of the wedding — she would have been “in full bloom,” as the old folks say.

At the time the first In Touch story was released, Markle’s representative told Gossip Cop that the story about her impending motherhood was just “not true.”


But now, with the royal wedding just literally a few days away, the claims about Markle’s pregnancy are getting fired up anew.

What’s more, it was only yesterday that the Inquisitr debunked the “Meghan Markle is pregnant” story, although a friend told the outlet that she “can’t wait to be a mom.”

Interestingly, because Meghan is in her mid-30s, she’s considered “older,” and thus, her pregnancy is considered a “geriatric” pregnancy. While this puts her at risk for a few disorders, adoption and IVF treatments are also an option, and these are obviously ones that, according to the correct report, the royal couple will consider when the time is right to have children.


It is against royal protocol to have children before marriage.

And even though Prince Harry has been known to be a rule-breaker, this is one rule that neither he nor Meghan Markle will break.