‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Thurs. May 17: Devon’s Major Secret And Victoria Tweaks The Truth

Sonja FlemmingCBS Press Express

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Thursday, May 17 promise a day full of drama as one Genoa City resident massages the truth when she confesses while another keeps a deep secret, and nothing good can come from any of this.

Paul (Doug Davidson) pushes Victoria (Amelia Heinle) to tell him the truth about the night J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) disappeared. Now he has J.T.’s cell phone and proof of all the angry texting that went on. With the stories failing to match up because Victoria maintained that her phone was off all night and Sharon (Sharon Case) slipped up and revealed that she heard Vicky’s phone ring, Paul wants to know what they’re hiding.

No doubt, Victoria is on her way to cracking, but according to She Knows Soaps, the crafty Newman decides to tweak the truth a bit, which may keep Paul off the trail for a while longer, but honestly, this is one secret GC that won’t stay buried. Too many people know, and too many people keep hunting for J.T.

Meanwhile, Jack (Peter Bergman) must face the aftermath of the damage wrought by his drinking and driving. Not only did he get sloshed and get behind the wheel, but he also set a fire at the Abbott cabin. Naturally, his heart is broken after learning of Dina’s (Marla Adams) earlier affairs and the fact that he’s not John Abbott’s biological son, but that isn’t reason enough to excuse him for his bad behavior. Jack’s gone off the deep end, and now it’s time he paid the price for his misdeeds.

Speaking of misdeeds, Devon (Bryton James) has a secret, and for some crazy reason, he thinks he can keep it from Hilary (Mishael Morgan). There’s no way he’ll get away with that. Hilary is the queen of gossip, and no doubt she’ll hunt down what he’s trying to keep under wraps. What’s worse, once the Hilary Hour host gets her hands on the details, she could use it against Devon. It looks like Devon will never learn where his ex-wife is concerned. He keeps repeating the same back mistakes over and over.

Tune in to watch The Young and the Restless on CBS and POP tomorrow to see what happens.