Rob Lowe Wants to Play The President

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe has had a long career starring in films and television shows. However, there is one role that has always evaded him, and now he’s publicly making it known. Rob Lowe wants to play the President.

Maybe the recent Presidential inauguration has Lowe reminiscing about his time on The West Wing. He didn’t play the President on the show, but he was a series regular.

Whatever the reason, Lowe recently sat down with CNN for an exclusive interview. Topics of discussion ranged from his role on Parks and Recreation, movies he has coming out this year and movies he is working on.

One interesting project that Lowe is passionate about is a miniseries that would see him playing former President Ulysses S. Grant. He tells CNN:

“It’s a big, expensive miniseries. Sony will be making it. I think the latest incarnation will be in conjunction with Reelz. It’s something I’ve been attached to and wanting to do for a couple of years now. We’re still waiting for the final OK, and I’m hoping it’s a project I’d do on my hiatus, and it would be a dream project for me to play Ulysses S. Grant.”

Lowe then explains why he wants to play Grant:

“He’s a very underserved American hero and complicated, dark, flawed. When he died, America gave him the largest public funeral this country had ever seen. He saved the Union. I’m hopeful that’ll happen.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Rob Lowe he can be seen every Thursday night on Parks and Recreation, which airs on NBC. Here is a clip show of Lowe on the show:

What do you think? Would Rob Lowe make a good Ulysses S. Grant?