Cardi B, Offset Being Sued By Fan Who Was Beat Up By Entourage

The fan was taken to a nearby hospital and says he suffered multiple injuries.  

Photo of Cardi B and Offset.
Andrew Toth / Getty Images

The fan was taken to a nearby hospital and says he suffered multiple injuries.  

Cardi B is once again being sued, but this time her fiance, Offset, joins the controversy. As TMZ reported, Giovanni Arnold claims he was attacked by members of Cardi B and Offset’s entourage. The incident occurred on May 9 when Cardi B and Offset attended the Met Gala in New York City. Arnold, a fan, approached Cardi for an autograph near the Mark Hotel on Madison Ave. after the event (around 2 a.m.), and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

As the New York Daily News reported, police initially said that members of Cardi B’s entourage, “thought Arnold was getting too close and gave him a thumping.” But as seen in the footage below (which contains strong language and some violence), a video of the happenings tells a different story. As the TMZ report documented (and not shown clearly in the video), when asked for an autograph, Cardi B told Giovanni, “F**k outta here n***a, I will slap the s**t out of you.”

The footage then tells the rest of the story. The fan expressed disappointment and told the hip hop artist to not beat him up over an autograph. It was at this point that Offset was passing by the fan, and he told Arnold to shut up before “a n***a beat you out here.”

The fan can be heard in the footage telling Offset to please beat him up and that he would take all of his money. He asked the rapper to please behave like a fool, and that Offset should invest his money and do something with his wealth instead of buying jewelry. He remarked that one day he is going to be broke.

It was then that three men jumped out of the SUV that contained the two rappers. The trio can be seen charging Arnold, and they then began pummeling the fan. The trio repeatedly punched and kicked Giovanni, and as they were running away, one came back to stomp him once more. It appears that Arnold didn’t fight back. The bodyguards then fled to the vehicle before speeding away, and the surrounding spectators looked shocked.

TMZ later approached Cardi B about the incident, she expressed no remorse for the situation, and just said that she’s legally blind.

Giovanni Arnold was taken to a nearby hospital and says he received injuries to his face, neck, back, and body. The lawsuit is aimed at both Cardi B (real name Belcalis Almanzar) and Offset (real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus), and it was filed by Daniel Szalkiewicz.