‘League Of Legends’ Bringing ‘Clash’ In-Game Tournament Mode To All Players

Riot Games

League of Legends is bringing the tournament experience in-game with an all-new mode called Clash. The hugely popular MOBA is giving PC gamers a chance to team up with friends and compete through multiple brackets to earn in-game rewards.

The Clash tournament mode is set up to run for three days every two weeks. Players will need to create a team of five to compete against other League of Legends teams. This same five team members will have to stick it out together for the duration of that tournament, but can shuffle their lineup for the next one.

The overall skill level of your team will determine which tier it is placed in. One player who has a higher skill level than the rest can pull the entire team up into the top tiers. An accompanying walk-through video explains a team with four Bronze ranked players and one Platinum ranked player can find itself battling in the top tier.

Those interested should note that Clash requires players to have a rank in Summoner’s Rift and have at least Honor Level 2 in League of Legends. The Honor system was updated earlier this year so players who are good leaders or teammates can be “honored” at the end of each match, while individuals who behave badly are punished. All players start at Honor level 2, so only those with strikes against them will not have access to the tournament mode.

Access to Clash is granted through the purchase of tickets. These tickets can be purchased with in-game currency or real-world money. They can also be earned from missions or gifted from friends. A one ticket entry will grant basic rewards while a five-ticket entry will upgrade the prize pool.

All heroes are unlocked in Clash and the first day starts with a four-team single elimination bracket. Winning both games in this bracket advances the team to an eight-team single elimination bracket for the second day. Making it through that gauntlet puts your team in a 16-team bracket for the third and final day of the tournament.

The 16-team bracket finals in League of Legends Clash.

Losing a match in the four-team bracket means players will have to enter again the next day. A team can enter Clash once each day, but will only have the opportunity to advance to the 16-team bracket by winning on the first day of the League of Legends tournament.

The prizes in Clash come from the Victory Points earned with each win. Earning enough Victory Points will unlock rewards like new logos, banners, and orbs, plus trophies for winning brackets. These trophies will be displayed in their Summoner’s Rifts game during the two weeks following the tournament and will disappear once the next tournament starts.

The In-Game Trophies of League of Legends Clash.

Riot Games is seeking to give League of Legends players the same kind of tournament excitement seen from the Championship Series. It should be interesting to see how the community reacts to the addition of Clash and how it influences changes over the coming months.