Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Reveal Wedding Party: Prince George And Princess Charlotte Will Have Roles

Kirsty Wigglesworth, FileAP Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have announced some details of their wedding party, including who will be the bridesmaids and pageboys. And perhaps not surprisingly, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have roles, Yahoo News is reporting.

Before we delve too deeply into the wedding party lineup and, more adorably, the roles the little children will play, it’s important to note that British weddings are different from American weddings. And of course, royal weddings are different from regular British weddings. So that means that there may be some “jobs” in Meghan and Harry’s wedding party that weren’t present in yours.

The Bridesmaids

As The Express reports, Meghan has sworn off having adult women as her bridesmaids, just like her sister-in-law Kate Middleton did a few years ago. She’s even swearing off having a maid of honor, because she doesn’t want to choose one friend over the other for the coveted role. That means that she’ll be accompanied down the aisle by little girls.

Those girls are: her niece, Princess Charlotte, 3; Miss Florence van Cutsem, 4, the goddaughter of Prince Harry; Miss Remi Litt, 6, and Miss Rylan Litt, 7, both of whom are Meghan’s goddaughters; Miss Zalie Warren, 2, daughter of Harry’s friends Zoe and Jake Warren; and Miss Ivy Mulroney, 4, the daughter of Jessica and Mr. Benedict Mulroney (friends of Meghan from back in the States).

The Pageboys

In case you’re wondering what a pageboy is, he’s a ceremonial wedding attendant not unlike a ring bearer in American weddings. Once a fixture of high-class British weddings, this ceremonial role is not as common as it used to be, according to British lifestyle magazine Confetti.

The pageboys are: Harry and Meghan’s nephew, and the future King of England, Prince George, 4; Master Jasper Dyer, Prince Harry’s 6-year-old godson; and Mulroney twins Brian and John, both 7.

What About The Adults?

While Meghan has sworn off adults in favor of children for her side of the aisle, Prince Harry’s best man will of course be his brother, and future King of England, Prince William.

As for who will walk Meghan down the aisle, it looks like her father, Thomas Markle, is out, after dropping out of the wedding following a paparazzi scandal and health issues. Word is that her mother, Doria Ragland, will do the honor.