Peach Cobbler Complaint Allegedly Leads To Shots Fired

A dispute over peach cobbler at a truck stop allegedly resulted in one man being shot in the back.

The dispute at Joe Joe’s Travel Center in the northern Mississippi town of Red Banks got started because a customer was dissatisfied with the amount of peaches in his cobbler. He allegedly started arguing with the clerk at the checkout line, when another customer intervened to speak up for the woman working behind the counter.

The second man, identified by Memphis-based WREG News Channel 3, as Logan Novascone, claimed that the peach cobbler complainant went outside and “popped his trunk on pump 5, pulled a gun out of the back and started shooting.” Novascone took cover behind a dumpster during the encounter.

Novascone noted that had stopped into the convenience store for a coke as he routinely does.

“He started cursing her out, so I put my Coke on the counter. I was like, ‘Dude, you aren’t going to talk to them like that,'” he said about the customer who was in standing in front of him at the checkout line.

The suspect allegedly fired seven times, reportedly wounding Novascone, but fortunately not seriously. He was apparently treated at a local hospital for a minor injury and released.

“Whether [the suspect] was just having a bad day or truly that frazzled over fruit, Novascone says he wasn’t expecting to take a ride to the hospital,” WREG added.

The suspect, Stanley Woodson, separately told WREG that that he politely asked the clerk for more peaches and that he acted in self-defense when he pulled out his fiancee’s gun and fired into the ground during the argument with the alleged victim outside of the store.

He insisted that the two men never exchanged words while they were inside the truck stop.

Woodson also claimed that the other man was the aggressor and had an object, possibly a weapon, behind his back, causing him to fear for his life. The alleged peach cobbler shooter added that he turned himself in to the sheriff’s department shortly after the incident occurred.

Watch two video clips about the peach cobbler shooting, in which each man summarizes his side of the story, embedded below.

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