‘Amazing Race’ Spoilers: Season 31 All-Star Reality TV Player Cast Coming Together As Filming Approaches

Valerie MaconGetty Images

The Amazing Race spoilers tease that Season 31 will be jam-packed with familiar faces for those who are long-time fans of the various CBS reality television shows. Hot off the success of seeing Big Brother stars Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf win, the network is said to be prepping an all-star slate of previous CBS reality TV contestants. Now, some scoops on who is joining the cast are emerging along with a few filming details.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, CBS is said to be focusing on previous reality television pairs for Season 31 of The Amazing Race. The show has incorporated Big Brother pairs here and there in the past, but having an entire cast made up of these types of contestants is a new approach for the series. Additional outlets noted that it won’t be just Big Brother veterans, but some Survivor folks as well.

Now TMZ has revealed a few supposed Amazing Race spoilers for the casting of Season 31. It seems that previous Big Brother and Amazing Race contestant Rachel Reilly is ready to jet around the globe again in search of a TAR win, but so far, it’s not known whether she’ll race with husband Brendon Villegas, sister Elissa Slater, or someone else from within the franchise. Reilly did BB twice, winning in Season 13, and she did TAR twice as well.

Spoilers also indicate that Caleb Reynolds will be in this next edition, and as reality television fans know, he comes from Big Brother and went on to compete twice on Survivor. At this point, details regarding his TAR partner have not yet emerged.

Now TMZ is also reporting that James Huling and Corey Brooks from Big Brother 18 will be racing and they’ll be working together as a team. Sources indicate that they are toying with the team name “Team Tejas Tacos,” and casting these two is definitely generating some buzz throughout the Amazing Race spoiler kingdom.

It is often a bit of a game when it comes to casting, as many veterans either share hints that they’re joining when they aren’t really under consideration, and others say they’re not participating when they really are. Given that, it is hard to tell sometimes until people actually leave for filming. However, previous Big Brother winner Derrick Levasseur did go to Twitter to say that he will not be a part of the upcoming Amazing Race edition as he’s too focused on his current show, Breaking Homicide.

Filming reportedly begins at the end of May and it looks like the contest will begin in Papua New Guinea. Given this timing, it seems likely that a lot of Amazing Race spoilers for Season 31 will start to emerge soon as CBS firms up their cast and prepares for filming.