Fiancee Says Lisa Vanderpump’s Brother Committed Suicide

Rich PolkGetty Images

News broke last week that Mark Vanderpump, 59, the brother of Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump, had died on April 30 of a drug overdose, but now his fiancee is saying that he committed suicide. Leading up to his death, the Vanderpump siblings had been feuding publicly, and their relationship was tense.

But now Vanderpump’s fiancee, Gemma Walker, 36, is saying that she believes the sometimes DJ and businessman took his own life and that his overdose was intentional. Walker spoke to Radar Online to say that she has no doubt that Vanderpump took his own life.

“It was for sure suicide. I was the last person he spoke to.”

Walker says that before Mark Vanderpump was rushed to the hospital, he texted her a peculiar message.

“He sent me a text message that said he was going to a better place. The last message he sent me was ‘My fingers are getting slower.’ I didn’t understand it at first. I was calling him and texting him back, and I heard nothing.”

Vanderpump was rushed to the hospital, but died soon after.

Walker and Vanderpump had been engaged for three years, and she says she is in mourning.

“Of course I am devastated. I loved him very much. I am with my family now.”

Lisa Vanderpump has not spoken publicly since the death of her brother was announced, but she did release a public statement asking for privacy.

“He was my only sibling, and I am shocked and saddened by his passing. I am trying to be supportive to his two young sons that he has left behind, and help them get through this tragedy.”

“We appreciate your consideration in this private and extremely difficult family time.”

The relationship between Lisa and Mark Vanderpump had been tenuous after the two were overheard arguing in an New York City restaurant back in January. Mark was raising his voice, telling his sister that she needed to stop doing reality television and move back to England, which was ironic because the elder Vanderpump was having his own legal problems in the U.K.

Other diners said the conversation at the Vanderpump table got loud.

“Lisa and her husband Ken and daughter Pandora were eating dinner with her brother Mark and a few others. They were all obviously really upset. Lisa and her brother were shouting at each other so that the entire restaurant could hear!”

Lisa’s daughter, Pandora Todd, had the final word against her uncle, telling him to leave their table.

“When he got up to leave, her daughter started screaming at him to ‘Get out of her restaurant!’ It was a real mess and no one could believe what they just had witnessed. The entire place was just in shock!”

Back in the U.K., Mark Vanderpump had been in a love triangle with his fiancee and her husband, Mike Ramsay, who are both said to be involved with Gemma Walker.