‘Roseanne’ Revival: Johnny Galecki Opens Up About His Return, Gushes Over The Cast

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As the Roseanne revival heads toward its season finale, actor Johnny Galecki is opening up about what it meant to him to return to the show after decades away. As fans of the series know, Galecki played Darlene’s boyfriend-turned-husband, David Healey, on the show. He returned for one episode of the revival, and reveals it was an amazing experience.

According to a May 15 report by People Magazine, Johnny Galecki was more than happy to return to Roseanne for the eagerly anticipated revival season. The show, which had a lasting impact on viewers and garnered a whole new generation of fans via re-runs, was like a homecoming for Galecki.

Galecki said that returning to the set of Roseanne was a “personal experience,” revealing that when he returned to set in the fall of 2017 to film his episode, it was the first time he’d been with the entire cast since the original series ended.

“It was an emotional week for all of us,” Johnny told the magazine, adding that it was “wonderful” to be back together again, but also hard to film some of the content in the episode featuring his character, David.

As Roseanne viewers know, David’s appearance on the show explained what had gone wrong in his relationship with wife Darlene (Sara Gilbert). It was revealed that the couple’s relationship became very strained after the death of David’s brother, Mark. David then began running away from the responsibility and commitment of adult and family life, and took off around the world to do charity work. While charity work is noble, he had left his wife and kids in a lurch throughout the process. Darlene eventually lost her job and moved back in with her parents, Roseanne and Dan Conner.


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In the episode, David returns and tells Darlene that he’s met someone new, and asks her for a divorce. The couple end up in bed together, and David reveals that he’s planning to move back to Lanford. However, by the end of the episode, Darlene realizes that it would be bad for the pair’s two children to see their parents together in a strained relationship. She tells David to get his life together and become a better father, which he promises to do.

Johnny Galecki confirmed that it was such a great experience to step back into the shoes of David Healey, but did not reveal if he was coming back for more appearances during Season 2 of the Roseanne revival.