Bernie Sanders Is 'Jesus Christ,' Killer Mike Gives A Riveting Endorsement In Atlanta

Bernie Sanders and rapper Killer Mike certainly make an unlikely duo.

Killer Mike introduced presidential candidate Sanders at one of his campaign rallies on Monday evening and called the senator's campaign as something that could be lined up "next to the words of Jesus Christ."

Before Sanders took the Fox Theater stage in Atlanta, Killer Mike delivered a speech introducing the senator as the "next President" of the United States before a crowd of 5,000 staunch supporters.

"In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that Senator Bernie Sanders is the right man to lead this country," the rapper said showing his support for the Democratic presidential contender.

Mike had previously expressed his support for Sanders in a Twitter post in June after the senator called for the restoration of the Voting Rights Act.

Referencing his song "Untitled," Killer Mike, one-half of the rap duo Run the Jewels, said in his speech, "I have said in many a rap that I don't trust the church or the government -- Democrat or Republicans -- but after spending five hours with someone who has spent the last fifty years... fighting for your life and mine, I can tell you that I am very proud today to announce the next President of the United States."

Earlier in the day, Bernie Sanders got to tour around the rapper's hometown of Atlanta and dined at a soul food diner. Mike took the presidential hopeful to Atlanta's famous Busy Bee Café. The two men talked about their politics over fried chicken, macaroni, and rice and yam.

Bernie Sanders also went to visit Killer Mike's SWAG barbershop and posed for a snap with the rapper while holding up the same hand sign that can be seen in one of Killer Mike's album covers.

Image via killermike, Instagram
[Image via killermike/Instagram]

The Democratic presidential candidate also allotted time to visit minority communities in Georgia and South Carolina, visited black Baptist churches, and delivered a speech at a forum on racial and criminal justice. He also attended a rally at the place where one of the schools for freed slaves was established. Bernie Sanders visited the King Center and had a private meeting with Martin Luther King's youngest daughter.

The presidential candidate's survey results are still way behind other contenders, so Killer Mike promised reporters to do everything he can to help Sanders since they share the same political visions. Killer Mike believes that Bernie Sanders has more to offer than his rival Hillary Clinton when it comes to dealing with social issues. He continued to compare Senator Sanders to Jesus Christ.

"Bernie Sanders is the only candidate right now; he is the absolute only candidate where if you line up his political campaign, next to the words of Jesus Christ, it lines up. It lines up."

Bernie Sanders is advocating equality in income, higher minimum wages, drugs policy, and expanded social programs.

Killer Mike, on the other hand, is not just a musician, but also an activist. He aimed for a career in politics in the past when he tried to run for the Georgia State House of Representatives. He announced his candidacy over Instagram but was unable to run because he did not register as a run-in candidate at the time. Like Bernie Sanders, the rapper also aims to end racial discrimination. He has appeared on several TV news networks to talk about racial issues.

In an interview with Grantland after Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, he expressed the disappointment he felt as a black American living in the U.S., saying he wants to live in the country without having to fight for it. He is reportedly hopeful that his situation will change for the better under Bernie Sanders' leadership.

[Photos by Ethan Miller and Karl Walter/Getty Images]