Taylor Swift Has Become The Butt Of Jokes After The Academy Awards

Taylor Swift Has Become The Butt Of Jokes After The Academy Awards

COMMENTARY| Taylor Swift has become quite the butt of the joke lately. Chart-topping albums and numerous awards were once what Taylor Swift was best known for. Not any more, however, as the press is showing her that her time of praises is over for now.

See what Kanye West started? He steals Taylor Swift’s microphone to announce Beyonce as the greatest artist of all time (of all time!), and now she’s doing the rest without him.

According to Fox News, Taylor Swift has reportedly dated 13 guys over the past four years, marking her as, let’s just say, “easy”. All of these guys share the infamy of being big news, and many of them were the subjects of Taylor Swift’s songs. Since the Academy Awards, Swift, 23, has become the butt of several jokes.

An insider told RadarOnline:

“[N]ow she’s the butt of jokes on Saturday Night Live, in the tabloids and on the late night shows. She laughed it off, but the jokes made about her at the Golden Globes got under her skin.”

It looks like she might be doing something to stop the onslaught, though. She’s deciding to “take it slow” and either date less or date for longer periods of time.

Tina Fey jokingly warned Swift to stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son and, as The Inquisitr has previously reported, Michael J. Fox himself joined the fray:

“Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right? What a way to build a career. I wouldn’t even know who she was.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Taylor Swift tweeted that Michael J. Fox has since apologized:

“Hey everybody, Michael J. Fox got in touch with me today and we are good. Thank you for having my back.”

According to RadarOnline, sources say this negative attention has changed the way she views potential relationships:

“She really wants to make an effort to slow down and not jump from boyfriend to boyfriend. In a weird way all the negative press has really opened her eyes and will be good for her!”

Well, Taylor Swift, perhaps it’s time to slow down, as you said, and not be so, er, swift. What do you think about Taylor Swift and the way she has jumped from relationship to relationship in the past?