NBA Trade Rumors: Atlanta Hawks’ Star Dennis Schroder Wants Out, Per ‘New York Post’

Streeter Lecka Getty Images

Dennis Schroder wants out of Atlanta. According to the New York Post, the Atlanta Hawks star will speak with management soon and demand a trade.

Dennis Schroder is reportedly frustrated with the direction of the Atlanta Hawks franchise. Schroder stated that he wants to compete for championships. He is not convinced that the Hawks will put him in the best position to do so.

Most of Dennis Schroder’s displeasure stems from the Atlanta Hawks’ decision to blow the team up and start a rebuild. The Hawks finished with a 24-58 record this season.

That was good enough for the Hawks to have the second-worst record in the Eastern Conference. It is a fact that Dennis Schroder did not hesitate to bring up.

“I will be 25 in September, and of course you want to win a title sometime. In my prime — 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 — I want to compete. I cannot be second to last in the Eastern Conference. That’s why I will have the talks with the Atlanta Hawks.”

It was the worse season that the Hawks had in several years. Dennis Schroder has been spoiled as a player, having been in the NBA playoffs first four seasons, prior to this year.

It is likely the Atlanta Hawks will struggle once again next season. They will have three first-round draft picks in June. At least two of those picks will make the team. Dennis Schroder sees the writing on the wall and wants out.

To get where Dennis Schroder wants the Atlanta Hawks to be will take a few years. Despite being young, Schroder does not want to wait to compete again.

Timing is everything. For Dennis Schroder, his timing is a bit curious.

Dennis Schroder’s trade demand comes just four days after the Hawks tabbed Philadelphia 76ers’ assistant Lloyd Pierce as their new head coach (courtesy of Atlanta Journal-Constitution). Pierce has been credited for helping the young Sixers’ players develop. The Hawks are hoping that he can do the same as the head coach.

Does Dennis Schroder fit into the Hawks’ plans?

There will be a handful of NBA teams that will be interested in trading for Dennis Schroder. The Hawks would be wise to move him and one of their three first-rounders for a young veteran player on a manageable contract.

One potential landing spot for Dennis Schroder is the Indiana Pacers. According to the Indianapolis Star, Schroder has the Pacers on his list of teams he would like to play for. The Pacers could offer the Hawks a package centered around Darren Collision and Thaddeus Young.

Another team which could be interested in Dennis Schroder is the Milwaukee Bucks. They have a couple of young players such as Thon Maker and Malcolm Brogdon they can dangle in front of the Hawks.

Lastly, the San Antonio Spurs could make one last-ditch effort to convince star forward Kawhi Leonard that they are still serious about a championship. The idea of a possible backcourt consisting of Dennis Schroder and Dejounte Murray is tantalizing.

Because the Atlanta Hawks want to continue to collect draft picks, look for them to oblige Dennis Schroder on his trade demands.