Josh Brolin Gets Naked For ‘FishLove’ Campaign

Jesse GrantGetty Images for Disney

He may be known as the man who played Thanos — Destroyer of Worlds, and the reason for our tears during Avengers: Infinity War — but Josh Brolin isn’t afraid to get his kit off for a cause!

The Daily Mail has some amazing photos of Josh Brolin posing completely naked, wearing nothing but an appropriately named Wahoo fish to cover his “boy parts,” but it was all for a good cause.

FishLove is a charity that aims to bring attention to unsustainable fishing practices, specifically by bringing different species that have been negatively impacted by over-fishing to the forefront.

Brolin’s Wahoo fish is a Hawaii-based fish that’s sometimes called Ono, or “delicious,” and is sometimes called the Pacific kingfish. It’s related to the mackerel and is a highly prized recreational fish.

However, irresponsible fishing practices have caused this fish to become endangered.

In the past, Dame Judy Dench, Emilia Fox, Emma Thompson, and Helena Bonham-Carter have all gotten their kit off for the cause.

Restaurateur Nicholas Rohl, who co-founded FishLove, said that he hopes that the pairing of endangered fish with familiar faces will end the practice of unsustainable fishing.

Another goal of the FishLove campaign — which was the first to get Josh Brolin to get naked, and what a sight it is to behold — is to steer people away from eating over-farmed/over-caught fish, such as cod, and steer them towards eating less-popular-but-still-edible fish, like sprats, herring, mackerel, and gurnard.

The charity also hopes to bring attention to destroyed ecosystems, especially in the ocean, which has been affected by deep sea trawling.

Gillian Anderson, who posed with a conger eel over her “girl parts,” is one such celebrity who helped effectuate change. Helena Bonham-Carter’s posing with a yellowfin tuna has been credited with convincing the UK government to commit to creating the largest network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the world.

Back in Hollywood, however, Brolin has been in overdrive with his promotion for Deadpool 2, the sequel to the original Deadpool, which stars him as the villainous Cable.

But Josh Brolin will always and forever be known as Thanos, the Destroyer of Worlds and the killer of all superhero dreams.