‘The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Wears Mrs. Cook Riding Helmet, But Did She Already Get Married?

Christopher PolkGetty Images

The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco seemed to give away a big clue about her marital status in her Instagram stories today. In a video, Cuoco showed off a riding helmet that she says was gifted to her by Samshield America, a company that specializes in equestrian riding helmets. In the next shot, we can see that the helmet’s strap is embroidered with the name Mrs. Cook. Cook is Kayley’s fiance’s last name, so of course it raises the question of whether the actress may have secretly gotten married.

But Cuoco nipped all of that speculation in the bud with her caption on the photo.

“And for all of you saying that I’m going to jinx myself with ‘Mrs Cook,’ remember Cuoco means cook,” she wrote.

Kaley is currently engaged to Karl Cook, a professional equestrial and son of billionaire Scott Cook. According to People Magazine, Cuoco first appeared in Kaley’s Instagram photos in March 2016, following a rocky breakup from former husband Ryan Sweeting. Sweeting and Kaley officially divorced in May 2016.

People reports that Kaley previously told CBS This Morning that she and her fiance bonded over a mutual love of horses. In fact, they met at a horse show. Cuoco is an avid rider and owns several horses.

“I think meeting people that are involved [in the same things as you] — I think that the horse connection is special. He’s special,” she said of her husband-to-be.

It’s pretty clear that Kaley’s views on marriage have changed since her divorce. For Cosmopolitan‘s May 2018 issue, the actress sat down with the magazine and spoke openly about the breakdown of her previous relationship. In the interview, she revealed that Sweeting ruined the word “marriage” for her. Cuoco added that her then-husband changed when they got married, telling Cosmo that the man to whom she said I do wasn’t the man she eventually divorced. Two years ago, she told the same magazine that she tried desperately to make it work with the tennis star but that they eventually split because of circumstances she “couldn’t get past.”

Kaley also confessed that she orginally didn’t think that she would ever get married again and that she made a conscious decision to take things slow when she met Cook.

“I knew I had to be patient,” she said. “I had to go through a lot of things, but it brought me to Karl.”