Katy Perry Is Not Upset That Taylor Swift Shared Her Supposed Peace Offering

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have had an ongoing feud for years, but recently, the American Idol host offered a peace branch to the “Style” singer.

Swift took to social media to share the literal peace offering, and tagged it “Thank you, Katy.” Swift can be heard on the video saying “this means so much to me.”

When word got out that the two pop divas were putting their differences aside, the blogosphere went wild — and some even said that Katy Perry was going crazy once she’d found out that Taylor Swift had shared the news about their peace offering.

But according to Gossip Cop, those rumors are unfounded and untrue.

The outlet claims that what Swift was trying to do with her Instagram post was show that she and Perry had made amends.

The rumor about Perry being upset with Swift came courtesy of the outlet Heat, who plagiarized their story from The Sun, a known gossip rag.

The outlet goes on to further indict Heat, claiming that they made up several quotes from a supposed “insider,” and the claim that “Katy is already regretting it” is patently false.

According to Time Magazine, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry originally started out as friends. In 2009, Swift tweeted that she loved Perry’s “Waking Up in Vegas” music video. This prompted Perry to reach out to Swift to ask her to collaborate on a song “on a topic that they both knew best.”

It wasn’t clear what that topic was, however, but given both of their oeuvres, it probably had to do with a breakup, kissing a girl and liking it, or both.

Perry even jumped to Taylor Swift’s defense in the Kanye West/Taylor Swift feud, and they even did a duet of Perry’s hit song “Hot and Cold.”

The drama, many speculated, stemmed from the fact that Lockhart Brownlie, a dancer, left Swift’s Red tour to join Perry on her Prism tour. Brownlie claimed that he and two other dancers weren’t dancing enough on Swift’s tour, so they left to join Perry’s tour.

Taylor Swift, however, claimed that Katy Perry “tried to sabotage” her tour by hiring people on her staff. Perry also dated Swift’s ex-boyfriend, John Mayer, for a while, and “Bad Blood” was written about Perry.

Now, however, the bad blood between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift is no more!