‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Begs For Support, Nelle Waits For A Baby Update, And Ava Gets Sneaky

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Nelle’s baby shower turned potentially tragic as she took a tumble down the stairs at the Quartermaine mansion and General Hospital spoilers indicate that there’s more action on this front with the episode airing on Tuesday, May 15. Nelle was taken to the hospital and she said Carly pushed her down the stairs, which led to Carly’s arrest. In addition, the baby blanket at the center of this chaos went missing and teasers hint that this blanket could shift the power dynamic in this ongoing dramatic tale.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Kim will have good news to pass along during Tuesday’s episode and it looks like that is related to Nelle and her baby. Previews show the mama-to-be, with Michael by her side, asking if their baby is going to be okay. It sounds as if the baby will have made it through the stairway tumble without issue, but that doesn’t mean that there may not be problems coming soon anyway.

Dante arrested Carly and she will be at the police station desperately trying to sort through this mess. Both Jason and Sonny will be there as Carly exclaims that Nelle set her up, and this trio is likely facing an uphill battle in proving that. General Hospital spoilers have suggested that Carly may end up doing another stint in a mental health hospital and while Sonny and Jason will surely believe what she has to say about what’s happened, it will be far more difficult to convince Dante or Jordan.

Viewers saw during Monday’s episode that the baby blanket at the center of this latest battle mysteriously went missing, but General Hospital spoilers hint that answers on this front will probably be revealed on Tuesday. As GH fans will remember, Ava went upstairs during the height of the chaos at the Quartermaine mansion, noting that she would check on Leo and Avery to ensure they weren’t scared by the ambulance arriving. It sounds as if Ava will have scooped up the baby blanket and hidden it away.

If indeed Ava has the baby blanket, that puts her in an ideal position. Nelle has had Ava backed into a corner lately, but this should provide some balance again in this power dynamic. In addition, while Ava may think that Nelle has perhaps crossed a line regarding Carly, hiding the blanket away certainly works against Carly in this scenario. Will Ava connect with Nelle regarding the blanket or will she keep this to herself?

From the sounds of things, this Nelle baby storyline isn’t going to be over for a bit yet. GH fans are ready for a payoff, as many are frustrated by how this has played out. General Hospital spoilers tease that the control in this battle may shift again and despite her current instability, one should never underestimate Carly Corinthos. Will Nelle come out on top as she’s hoping or will her shenanigans ultimately backfire on her?