Ariana Grande Appears Topless In Viral Video Of Her Met Gala Preparation, Fans Still Raving About Her Outfit


Ariana Grande appeared topless in a viral video showing the pop star’s preparation for the Met Gala, and as the video spreads across social media, her fans are still raving about her Renaissance-inspired look for the annual event.

Though the Met Gala is now one week in the rear-view mirror, the footage of Ariana Grande’s preparation just hit the internet and has made a splash across social media. As Grande shares her own pictures of the annual event, the behind-the-scenes footage showing the singer preparing to get into her dress shot received tens of thousands of user votes on the link-sharing site Reddit and was shared across Twitter and YouTube.

Ariana Grande wore a flowing dress to the event that took its inspiration from the Sistine Chapel and earned some big praise from fans and critics alike. Many put Grande among the best-dressed at the Met Gala, and red carpet pictures found a home on social media and celebrity news outlets.

Now, one week after the Met Gala, the topless footage of Ariana Grande is having just as big an impression. The grainy footage showed Grande joking with friends as she prepared to put on her dress.


As many commenters pointed out, Ariana Grande does not appear to actually be nude in the video, but instead is strategically covered by both her hands and decorative covering on her body. The video ends with Grande modeling the dress she would go on to wear at the event. It was not clear who may have filmed the video, but it appears to come from a member of the singer’s own entourage.

The dress ended up being the talk of the event, and Ariana Grande explained that it was inspired by one of the most famous pieces of art in history.

“[It is in] the Sistine Chapel back wall by Michaelangelo. It is The Last Judgement. This is the painting I am wearing. I am so excited about my dress. I just love it!” Grande said in an interview with E! News. “I am honored to be here. It is my first Met so I am really excited.”

Ariana Grande apparently took the theme of the event very seriously. This year’s Met Gala was titled, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, and there was no Catholic art more famous than the one gracing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.