Farrah Abraham Leaves Little To Imagination In Cannes Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunction

JB LacroixGetty Images

Farrah Abraham is nothing if not a risk-taker, but she took her risk-taking to the next level when she appeared sans culotte on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the “epic wardrobe malfunction” happened last night on the red carpet at a fashion show.

Now, while this isn’t the first time that Farrah Abraham has given the world a glimpse of her unmentionables, it is the first time she’s done so on a red carpet that didn’t involve the adult entertainment industry.

It looked like Farrah Abraham also wasn’t wearing a bra, because her ample bosoms were on full display on the red carpet, as the top of her silk dress was sheer and left even less to the imagination.

Obviously, we can’t show you the full picture here, but it’s available at the link above.

Even though it was an obvious “wardrobe malfunction,” Abraham didn’t let it deter her from strutting down the carpet with a huge smile.

It was unclear as to why the former Teen Mom star was on the red carpet in Cannes, as she didn’t have a movie or a television show coming out. Perhaps Abraham was celebrating the fact that she’d settled her lawsuit with Viacom, the parent company of MTV, which hosts the Teen Mom franchise.

Abraham had taken Viacom to court for $5 million, claiming “wrongful termination.” The lawsuit came after she was fired from Teen Mom.

While there were plenty of rumors as to why Farrah Abraham was relieved of her duties from Teen Mom (though many believe it was because she decided to pursue a career in adult entertainment), ultimately the two parties reached an “amicable settlement” for an undisclosed amount of money.

Abraham also told Cannes onlookers — when they were finally able to pay attention — that there would soon be a movie released based on her life.

Currently, even though she’s no longer on Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham has been making money by hosting adult entertainment events — some of which have streamed live — as well as marketing her own line of adult pleasure toys.