Pauley Perrette Claims ‘Multiple Assaults’ On ‘NCIS’ Set

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Pauley Perrette took to Twitter on Sunday night to share some disturbing statements about her experience on the set of NCIS. The actress stated in October, 2017, that she had decided a year before that, after 16 years on the hit show, it was time for her to leave and do something different. Sunday’s tweets claim that she was assaulted many times during her NCIS stint and that people associated with the show are feeding false stories about her to the press to keep her quiet.

Perrette’s tweets came just days after the airing of her final NCIS episode. On Saturday, she tweeted about false tabloid stories. She continued, however, with statements that became increasingly dark and sinister. In them, she stated that she was staying quiet to protect others who are still working on the show, but that she struggled with whether or not remaining silent was the right thing to do. One of her tweets ended with, “He did it.” Pauley never clarified who “he” is. In another tweet, she shared her history of involvement in anti-bullying programs. That tweet included “It’s horrifying. I left. Multiple Physical Assaults.”

Pauley has been open in the past about abusive relationships and assaults she has suffered. The Huffington Post reports that the actress has previously shared an account of being attacked by a homeless man who beat her and threatened her life. Last fall, she told of a rape that happened to her in high school at the hands of a football player.

Pauley and NCIS co-star Mark Harmon have a long-standing feud. Radar Online reports that Harmon tried to settle their differences before her departure from the show, but that his attempts were ignored by Perrette. An unnamed source said they believe that Mark blamed himself for Pauley leaving the show and wanted to make things right. They said that she “made it very difficult for him” to do so. Her refusal reportedly upset him. The feud appears to have started in October, 2016, when Harmon brought his rescue dog, Dave, to the set after the dog had bitten a crew member badly enough that they required 16 stitches.