'Westworld' Theory: Grace Is Really Theresa

While watching Westworld is entertaining in itself, sometimes it is the fan theories out there on the internet that help to enrich the show. After all, who here doesn't head to Reddit to find out the latest Westworld theory and then go back and watch previous episodes to see if it all lines up? Now, a new theory has come to light about the newest Westworld character, Grace.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 2 of HBO's Westworld. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

Grace (Katja Herbers) was introduced as a new character in Episode 3 of Westworld Season 2. She was a participant in The Raj park until she discovered the hosts had taken over there and started killing the guests. Escaping, she ended up on the shores of the Westworld park where she was quickly taken hostage by the Ghost Nation hosts.

Episode 4 of Westworld Season 2 saw her held captive with Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), which also explained how he managed to survive against the odds presented when viewers saw him being taken captive in Season 1. Using great ingenuity, Grace managed to escape the clutches of the Ghost Nation and disappeared into the landscape. She then appeared at the end of the episode when it was revealed she was actually the Man in Black's (Ed Harris) daughter, Emily.

While that was a stunning reveal within itself, Reddit has a theory that could also make Grace/Emily Theresa Cullen (Sidse Babett Knudsen), who was killed in Season 1 of Westworld.

HBO's 'Westworld' Season 2, Grace, Emily, Theresa Cullen, as seen in Season 1

This theory is based on the fact that Grace bears a resemblance to a younger version of Theresa. In fact, the pair are the only smokers seen so far in Westworld and both hold their cigarettes in the same way. However, considering it is obvious Grace appears in the current day storyline of Westworld, it seems unlikely Grace would be the older Theresa from Season 1. This didn't deter fans, though, who theorized that Grace could also be a relative of Theresa and, hence, the similarities.

Katja Herbers has spoken to Harper's Bazaar recently about this theory, and while she said that this is an interesting one, she didn't confirm or deny it.

She did, however, say that the resemblance was not intentionally done to detract viewers away from the theory that Grace was the Man in Black's daughter.

"I'd love to take credit for doing that on purpose to distract people from me actually being the Man in Black's daughter, but I didn't."
Season 2 of Westworld returns with Episode 5 on Sunday, May 20, at 9 p.m. ET. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this episode will be titled "Akane No Mai."